Shieded power cable with small gauge conductors

For my computer audio setup, I need a good cable for the power port. 

The cable needs to be well shielded with small gauge conductors.

I don't want to break the bank with something, but I need to upgrade from the power cord that came with the unit.

Thanks for any advice
Curious why it needs to be shielded and small gauge conductors? Are you referring to it being small gauge because you want a flexible cable and what is your budget? Not knowing much to go off here, I'll throw out Kimber PK14 Ascent or older, used Gold; pretty sure same cable with a new name. Not a shielded cable, but very flexible. All my power cords which two are Kimber PK10 Golds pick up no noise whatsoever. My experience is a well designed unshielded cable is more open than a shielded cable, for most cable types except for a turntable. If you truly do need a shielded PC, verify if the shield is floating or tied to the ground at one or both ends. If you haven't experimented with an unshielded cable I would recommend giving it a try. Always tons of used PC's out there, so if you're watching the budget, buy used over new or build your own as well.

Build some yourself if you'd like.  DH Labs makes reasonably good cables at normalish prices of $5/foot.
I appreciate these ideas.

The recommendation that my power cable have good shielding and small gauge conductors comes from the maker of my the power supply, the Sonore Series power supply, which is the power supply for the microrendu streamer, 7 VDC.

They recommended a Cardas cable that costs about $500 and I'd like to either custom make, or find a cable for less than that.

Mr. Humorous, we're talking about a more sophisticated power supply than what you imagine.
 Do your homeworkmore thoroughly and then weigh in.

I am still laughing. If you tell me a PS needs small gauge wiring to sound good, it means the designers skimped on it and are using the very expensive cable to act like part of an RL filter which should have built into the design in the first place for $5. Brilliant.

Personally, I would get the shielded cables I recommended, and put ferrite beads on the PS side such as these:

Connect the shield only at the wall side, but make sure the 14 Gauge ground is connected on both ends.

You can put the beads on the wiring itself, but you may find that really difficult to make look nice so you may need to put them inside the PS itself if not already there. A good compromise would be to use a single large bead for all 3 conductors, or at least the Hot side (usually black).

If you need it to be more expensive, I’m sure you can find Furutech connectors that will happily bring this $30 cable ($5 x 6’) up to the $600 price point.

Best of luck,


 I appreciate the substantive advice. The Power supply I am buying does not come with a power cord, thus  it's up to me to pick my poison. 

I will look into what you advised.

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