Shindo and Merlin VSM

Has anyone heard the Shindo/Merlin combination? The Shindo Montrache and Aurieges look very interesting.
I have the Monbrison and the Merlin MMe speakers. It seems I am just beginning to get themost out of this set up with the bam back in the mix. Very musical, dynamic an accurate. I have had the JOule set up and prefer what I have now.

I feel like the magic is back.

Adding my comments to get this thread restarted as I too am curious to hear from anyone who has tried Shindo with Merlin. IMHO, the Joule setup is pretty magical in its own right.
I would like to know if anyone has tried Wyetech with merlin. I am using audio aero prestige dierect in audioaero capitole power(PP-> 55 watts clase A) with good result, but I am thinking in buy one preamplfier: Joule vs Wyetech vs Shindo?