Speakers closest to Merlin ?

My two systems are optimized for Merlin speakers
In my main system I have a Stingray II on my Merlin VSM-MXr/MasterBAM.I LOVE this system !!
In my second system I used to have Merlin VSM-MM/SuperBAM.Sold those and ordered TSM Studio Black with master rc networks.Those will now not happen ....
I need suggestions for my second system.I have a Leben CS300F and a The Gryphon Callisto 2100.I need speakers that are close to the openness/neutrality and detail of the Merlin sound.
Suggestions would be appreciated.Two way,either standmount or compact floorstander.Under $3000
There's several used pair here on Audiogon. You also might want to reach out to Rich Brkich over at Signature Sound. He may be able to hook you up, or at least give you some viable alternatives.
How big is the room, how far from the front wall will they be placed, how many WPC do these amps put out?
In my experience of Merlin TSMs, there are many speakers as good and maybe even better:) certainly those that image better close to the wall.
Look at some of the Joseph Audio speakers. Jeff Joseph is a brilliant designer. At CES we listened to a Stand mounted two way which was just very special called the prism I would also recommend the Nola boxer
Used Merlins are not an option for me because the sellers dont want to ship out of the States.
The room is around 5m x 4m.It will be close to the wall but can be moved out.VSM-MMs worked great in this B system setup.The Callisto 2100 is a powerhouse integrated..100watt in to 8 and 200watt into 8 and even 360w into 2ohm.The Leben is a 15watt Japanese work of art.
Thanks for the suggestions,will have a look at Joseph Audio and Nola.
Anything else ?
Chris, I can only recommend speakers that I own and the Joseph Audio Pulsars are certainly fantastic, but do better out in the room and list for $7500. However, the NHT Classic Fours are equally impressive if you consider bang for buck - I have them in my study which is a little smaller than your room 12.5 X 13 feet, but they are certainly worth the $2000 they cost new - check them out on Agon and user comments. They are great right against the wall and both the upper and lower frequencies are well integrated. These would be my recommendation at your price level. I owned the TSMs and these are just as good. Before you decide check out the north Creek Revelators at $2000 as well.Good luck
Eggleston speakers perhaps? I own a pair of Eggleston Fontaines and heard a pair of Merlin TSMs a while back and thought they sounded very similar. Simlar drivers too.
Eggleston ...hmmmm ,have listened briefly to Dianne's .Close to Merlin sound although I preferred the Merlins ,but in different setups.
Thanks for the suggestion.
Problem is I'll have to sell either my Leben CS300F or Gryphon Callisto 2100 to make up for the loss of money on the ordered TSMs.
One a great tube amp,the other a great ss amp,so have to decide beforehand when I buy speakers ,what will match what .Makes it rather difficult.
I have tried the Leben and Gryphon on the VSM-MXr/MasterBAM setup and both work great.
Just curious, why did you sell your VSM and go for TSM instead since it worked well for you?

I am using a pair of VSM (updated to latest version) in a room smaller than yours. I do have 4 basstrap tubes at all corners.
Wstam,my older VSM-MMs were 11 years old and I had a buyer.
I felt TSMs in my B system due to room design would work well with the newest version of the TSMs.Bobby said it would sound better than my older VSMs and on par or better than my VSM-MXr/MasterBAM.I didnt quite believe that,but felt it may beat the older VSMs.This was a reluctant order ,the main reason being that I waited 18 months for the VSM-MXrs to arrive.