Shindo Montrachet amp advice needed...

Hi all, I haven't been to this site in a while, but I wanted to post this question. After many years, my Shindo Montrachet amp won't turn on. No lights, nothing. A friend suggested that I check the fuse but I have no idea where it is. Can someone point me to the right direction? Thanks in advance...


Pop the bottom off and look in the area where the power cord enters the chassis. First check the IEC female power cord socket on the back. Sometimes there is a small door that contains a fuse.

The flip out cover for the AC fuse is located @ the top of the plastic IEC input on the back of the unit (just above where the power cord is inserted).

Best to check the power cord @ both ends and the power source.





Thank you both for your input. I was able to remove the fuse which is almost solid black in color from burning out. The inscription reads "250VT3.15L" obviously the type of fuse needed. Any advice would, again, be appreciated on where to find this thing, but I'll start looking. Thanks again.