shipping heavy speakers oversea

Does anyone have experience in shipping heavy and bulky speakers oversea (Europe)? I have a pair of Revel Studios w/ original boxes, but I am wondering if I need to place these speakers on a pallet for safe shipping to Europe. Is there any shipping company that offers service to safely package these speakers for shipping?

What are some companies besides BAX Global that I can trust to ship speakers oversea?

Any reply is appreciated.
I will state that when the Revel Studios I bought were sent to me via a trucking company, they were on a small pallet. Both speakers were not only wrapped to each other, but were wrapped to the pallet as well.

Therefore, I HIGHLY recommend that you find a pallet, and cut it down to the correct size and create one large, easily moved package for the movers to handle.


Good Luck!
Menlo Forwarding but you have to personally bring the speakers to their storage, they cannot pick up from a private person. If the speakers are not wooden crated (and you don't want to build custom external crates, the only safe method to ship IMHO) you have to strap them to a pallet BUT REMEMBER: the shipping movers often take off the cardboard boxes from the pallet for convenience and accessibility... so the crates are the ONLY SAFE PROTECTION for a pair of heavy speakers... Hope this helps. Luca.