Short USB cables choices

Simple question: what 1/2 meter USB cable do I want to buy? I know there is stuff in the archives but I'd like current opinions. Thanks!
Within the last two weeks there was heated discussion on AA, (Computer Audio Asylum, sub category) where a member with an extremely revolving system said he heard an extreme improvement in his system when he substituted a $500 Tesla USB cable for a $20 Belden Gold cable. The indignant flames from the computer "expert" sorts, completely ignoring the subjective observation of the audiophile who listened, was unbelievable. Check it out.
Kimber makes a nice and inexpensive USB cable, runs around $50 and is a clear improvement over the ones normally used for PC's.
Since they deliver 1's and 0's I would be interested in knowing how there would be an appreciable difference. Shielding issues would show up immediately would not get anything.
Except the signal travels down the USB cable as analog waveform, not 1s and 0s.