Shortening my short list – Thiel 3.6 vs VMPS rm30?

You've all been incredibly helpful in creating my speaker short list. Because I live in a remote rural area and don't have the luxury of auditioning speakers, I'm depending on the opinions/experiences of Audiogoners. So, without further ado... Thiel 3.6's or VMPS rm 30's? Rowland Coherence pre, Edge M4 power & Vandersteen powered sub in a "hard" room with a listening distance of 8-9 ft from speakers. Thanks in advance.
You might want to consider the Thiel 2.4 rather than the 3.6. Don't be misled by the model numbers.
As a past Thiel 3.5 owner who played with these for 3+ years I would have a hard time recommending them in a 'hard' room, especially if it is a small room which doesn't allow for a lot of clearance from side walls and/or in which you cannot kill 1st reflections off the side walls.

These speakers are designed to be listened to when they are pointed straight ahead which will create a lot of reflections off the side walls if they are close or untreated. It is a personal choice of course, and a lot of folks would like the 3.6's, but IMHO they, and for the most part all the Thiels that I have heard, are too critical of set up and amplification for me to want to go back to them, or recommend them to someone who has not personally already experienced what they have t offer. I've not heard the VMPS 30's, just a lot of favorable comments, as I'm sure you already have.

FWIW, as others have pointed out, the Thiels, with their greater dispersion pattern will create a lot of problems from reflections in a small, hard room.

The RM30's on the other hand are more directional and are made to be canted in toward the listening position. This provides less room interference and a more direct sound from the speakers... In your situation, the RM30's would be the logical choice. I mean, why beat your head against the wall trying to get the Theil's reflections under control???
YOu would be amazed at what a fine pair of monitors (<$1500 used) sound like with a powered sub
I can't usually get a powered sub to blend seamlessly with satellite speakers and I have tried.

But another great option for a small room is a pair of the svelte Silverline Prelude speakers... Their high efficiency makes them easy to drive and they don't need a sub unless you're a true bass freak. Right now I'm driving mine with an ASL 1003DT tube amp (30Wpc) and they sound just marvelous in my smaller listening room. My VMPS, on the other hand have too much bass for the small room and can overload it easily.
You might be amazed at how monitors sound with a sub but nowhere near as IMPRESSED by the large full body experience of a VMPS, and you wont have the hassle that integrating a sub may give you.
As a VMPS owner myself (FF3SRE) I can tell you that the VMPS models make the room much less of an issue then many other models...........I think you will be all smiles.
I vote against the RM30, i had a pair and the build quality, resale value and bass response is sub par. They also miss midrange bloom.

The Edge M4 might be a little light for the Thiel 3.6's, you might need a bigger amp.
I am currently playing with a pair of Edge G8+. They sound slightly thinner and leaner versus my Pass X350.5 with my Verity Parsifal Encores. I had a pair of Thiel 3.6 for 8 years prior to that, and 2.2 for 7 years before that.

Yes, Thiel 3.6 in a hard room is a disaster waiting to happen, and combining with the Edge amp (if it sounds the same as these G8+). And they need current, your M4 might not be beefy enough. You did not mention how big the room is. You probably want them at least 2 to 3 feet away from the walls. 8 to 9 feet from speaker should be OK. How wide will the speakers be apart?

Thiel 3.6 came out around 1992. The fact that the design lasted this long speaks for itself. They were only replaced by 3.7 last year. I think what Panheadrt was trying to say is that the 2.4 came out only a few years ago and use newer drivers and different crossover/design than the 3.6, so they have different sound characteristics and may suit your room better.

While VMPS isnt is no Wilson with build quality, its resale value is about as good or bad as most, as far as bass, VMPS is higjly regarded in this area so there probably was more to the problem then speakers, thats not a common statement about VMPS.
I had the 3.6's for 13 years with a McCormack amp. They love power and space. My room 24x18 was to small they like about 4 feet of space behind them. If you can give them what they need and set them up properly you will not be dissappointed. I went to 2.4's with a THETA amp. Now I am tweaking this system.