Should I be worried if buying a 5-6 year old CDP?

Hi All. For the past 12 months or so I have tried numerous sources, both CD/SACD players as well as DAC's (hooked up to a computer).

Many were imported (due to lack of local availability) which posed problems, especially when things went pear shaped, so I am now limiting my search to local gear. I went through testing of various players and the two on my short-list now are:
- Marantz SA7001KI (aka SA8001)
- Classe CDP-10 (preowned from a Classe distributor)

I have had them for around 5 days now and have been able to compare them thoroughly. Whilst they are close, I must admit that I find the Classe more enjoyable and more musical.

That brings me to my question - should I be worried about the fact that the Classe is a 5-6 year old unit? The Marantz is new (essentially out the box). I know the likes of Classe are known for their build quality, but I still have at the back of my mind the question of age.

The Classe is in great condition and I know the Classe distributors in the country who said that - should it need servicing - it should not be a problem.

So I am sitting with the dilemma - go for the unit which is brand new, newer technology, and has the benefit of SACD (a perk but not a requirement, as I do not have many); or go for the unit which is already 5-6 years old but ultimately sounds just that little bit better?


PS. they would both come to about the exact same price
Call or email Classe to confirm availability of service if needed. If you get a good answer then go for the Classe.
New technology is not necessarily better in CD reproduction. There is a school of thought which believes that sound quality has been compromised by a switch to better measuring but worse sounding electrical components. My own transports and players are , with one exception, at least 16 years old, have had no problems. All Meridian except my Tri Vista 21 DAC.
Stanwal - yes, the one thing I noted is that the Classe sounds better to these ears. Thus it is not too much of a concern in terms of technology (it actually upsamples to 24/192 I believe so is no slouch in that respect); but more so age of the model/unit...mechanical wear and tear, age-induced component failure etc.
yes. Best bet is to buy a sony refurb 595 for $60 on the sonystyle site. If you don't like it they will come and get it for free. How can you go wrong? This way you compare and you decide.
It all comes down to the transport, whether it is replaceable or not. Find out from Classe whether they can replace the transport or not. This is the key, a good transport will last from 5-15 years....though most transports do not fall into the 'good' category. If you cannot replace the transport, you have a potential boat anchor on your hands.

I've owned Classe and Marantz CDP's, amongst many others. That being said, I would not buy a CDP that is over 5 years old myself....from personal experience.

Actually it comes down to the laser. Find out what they charge to replace it... I was pretty shocked (not Classe)
Please consider the new Sony SCD XA5400ES CD/SACD player. It is an amazing player with near state of the art performance for $1180 street. I've owned Levinson, Wadia, Krell, BAT, ARC etc.. This unit is unique and incorporates some never before implemented digital design techniques. I predict this unit will be a classic product and a watershed device for digital audio playback.
I'll echo the sentiments on the drive - sled... especially if both Red Book and SACD are being replayed or featured.

Sony built one of the more solid drives on the mkt... and supply drives to many makers of CD players. The lasers will go about 5-6 years on avg. in these units. The sACD and RB lasers are separate items but come as one gizmo... Figure on $200 to $300 for replacement.

If replaceable.... and when that occurs... consequently the sound will change. Becoming more detailed and resolute as the result of the newer lights and motor. A few hundred hours will return the player to close to it's current state... but not the exact same.

This is my exp exactly. The refit however did not make the player unacceptable to me.. but quite the contray. I just felt you should know how things can go later on down the road. In fact, I liked both the beofre and after scenarios equally... but they were quite different sounds.
I still have my marantz cd63se its now 12 years old. its only played up twice - once a loose connection - resolded it was fine after that. I compared it to the marantz cd7001 preferred the old marantz - the new one was more detailed but also more digital/clinical sounding, the marantz cd63se was more musical and balanced tonally. Go for something more musically satisfying - i bought a consonance cd120 linear similar price to marantz cd7001 it killed it musically (voice and instruments were more natural and real sounding). The rega apollo is a nice machine as well.
My Marantz CD94 is now 20 years old I have owned it for the past 17 years and the only replacement required has been new belts. I had it extensively modified when I bought it.. When I meet the designer Ken Ishiwata he keeps on telling me that the laser will pack up soon, I expect he wishes it would because I find my modified CD94 sounds far better than the latest overweight Marantz SA-7S1 which I burnt in for 750 hours & then sold it on. 1 month later it was put back on the market.