Should the yellow lights flash on monster hts3600

Should the yellow lights flash on the monster hts3600 powercenter? The lights are on the powercord receptacle that plugs into the wall. My components are anthem 5 channel amp and preamp, Mcintosh sl6 speakers and pioneer elite dv09. The sound doesn't sound consistently good. One day it may be great, the next poor to very poor, regardless of source. Thanks to all.
I would try contacting Monster on this one. I am not familiar with their newer series of PLC's, so can't answer that one for you. Before calling them up though, i would consult the manual to see if it mentions anything about this.

As far as the sound quality varying, that is normal. Even though you are filtering out the mass majority of "crap" on the AC lines, the quality of AC will still vary considerably. It is not abnormal for the AC itself to be distorted let alone having other forms of distorion such as RFI and EMI riding on top of it. Even though the Monster may be removing most of the RFI and EMI, you are still left with a distorted AC signal.

If you want to only listen when your system sounds good, start setting your alarm clock for about 1 - 2 AM in the morning and listen then. The amount of liquidity, lucidity, air and detail with a phenomenally black background is quite incredible at this time of the night. Sean
I have one of these power conditioners and the light on the plug does not flash. it is always on. try pluging it in somewhere else preferably another home, if it still does it I would exchange it.