Shout out to So Cal LA repair facility

Just picked up my beloved Mac MR71 FM tuner from repair. 2 weeks ago, reception of any station simply was not happening. I've also been putting up with the station tuning cable being broken for years-had to manually turn the gizmo to change stations.

George Meyers in Los Angeles provided a smooth transaction and reasonable turnaround time. The 55 year old, tubed Mac is sounding fantastic once again, and I no longer have to finagle the gizmo to tune a station in!

Highly recommended. 

One positive thing this pandemic has caused-getting around So Cal. What normally would easily be an hour drive from my place was 30 minutes! WOW!!! 

I've been using my backup cheapo SS Cambridge Audio(actually decent) I bought years ago from AA on closeout. Glad I didn't give it away, when I found the Mac here, for cheap. Got 4 years out of it before the mishap.