Shoutout: Add Powr Symphony Plus+PSU, Eau2 package currently on sale

Just a brief note of appreciation on the Symphony Pro+PSU and Eau2 package currently on sale by Add Powr.

I installed the Eau2 on my router power supply and the Symphony Pro on the system side (Etherregen, InnuOS Zenith Mk3, Antelope Audio Platinum +10m rubidium clock, Wavac EC300b, Duevel Bella Luna). Despite a lot of previous efforts at cleaning up the power supply (Isotek G2 power conditioner, Sean Jacobs DC3/4 PSU for Etherregen, dac and clock, Acoustic Revive Rtp-4 and Reference power chords, Akiko Audio Ground Control, Fuseholder and Tuning Stick Gold, Acoustic Revive REM8 on all torroidal transformers, Furutech fuses) the effect of both conditioners was immediate and not subtle: As claimed by the company: increased dynamic range, improved width, depth and height of the sound stage as well as improved definition of instruments within it, all this on a pretty resolving system. I am especially pleased about the nice impact of the Eau2 on the router. The effect keeps improving for about the first 48 hours and I find locating the devices nearest to the power supplies to be most effective. Overall an all out success for relatively little money.

No association with the company, just a happy customer


I have received but not installed an Add Powr Symphony Pro, Eau2, with an Akiko Audio Fuse Box Pro on the way.


Wasn't sure where to place the Eau2. With the modem is quite a good idea.


Wait until you install their new Symphony I/O into your streaming network.  A remarkable device - stunning in its effectiveness. Includes 3 levels of boost.

Nothing to lose with 30 day money back guarantee.

It's hard to return it after first listen.


I am looking forward to it.

The Symphony Pro will be on the same line as my modded network switch, streamer, USB/SPIDF converter, external clock, Dac and amp.

The Eau2 will be paired with my modem, wireless router, another modded network switch and Roon Core.