Shunyata Delta or Alpha V2 NR vs. AQ Hurricane HC

Anyone ever compare these cables on the amp? I’m pretty happy with Hurricane but wondering about the latest Shunyata.
Any thoughts?


@audphile1 When you crunch the Dragon numbers a 1m length is a relative bargain. AQ prices Dragon at 1m X price, 1.5m X 1.5 price, 2m X 2 price.

AQ is the only company I know that does this and to me shows that the cable is actually worth something, not just arbitrarily priced.

Ex demo and used prices are better plus AQ will turn a 2m into 2 X 1m lengths very reasonably.

Anyway try to hear it before you make a decision.

Shunyata Alpha and Sigma are better balanced. They also exhibit a more natural presentation of the upper frequencies.  The Hurricane, while excellent,  just isn't very refined up top. I tend to believe that comes from the silver plating on the plug, which is used to give it energy up top.  That said I find the Shunyata house sound a little too smooth overall for my taste.

@audphile1 I have never compared the Dragon directly against the Hurricane but I was totally blown away when I was given a Dragon HC to audition for my power amp.

Usually power cables offer subtle nuances of this and that but the Dragon is a component level in your face upgrade but it's extremely natural and balanced.

Nothing subtle about it.

I never was or am an AQ fanboy but the Dragon is incredible for a power amp cable.

I have several Dragon cables but using it for my power amp gave me the best results.

I have owned so many power cords through the years, but I’ll keep my comparisons to only the Shunyata and the AudioQuest.

I purchased at a good price a new Sigma NR V2 power cord. At the time I also owned several other Sigma V2 interconnects. It was good but I always thought it was lacking something. During this time, I also purchased a used AudioQuest Hurricane. It sounded different and more powerful than the Shunyata but to my system and ears at the time perhaps a little too boomy.

Then I got a AudioQuest Niagara 7000 power conditioner used and was I really impressed. My belief is that the top-of-the-line power conditioner probably was tested with the Dragon power cord, so I set out to try it with one.

Once I was able to find a used Dragon, it was game over. Instantly I could tell the power of my system. I ended up selling the Shunyata and the Hurricane power cables to help purchase a couple more Dragons to complete the loom.

Now, if I had purchased the Shunyata Everest power conditioner the Shunyata power cords might have proved to be a better fit.

I should note that comparing just the Shunyata Sigma V2, XC power cords to the Dragons straight up from the wall, the Dragons still were way better IMHO.