Shunyata Delta or Alpha V2 NR vs. AQ Hurricane HC

Anyone ever compare these cables on the amp? I’m pretty happy with Hurricane but wondering about the latest Shunyata.
Any thoughts?


I have a Sigma on my integrated, but only compared to factory cable. Upgraded other components from Viper to Sigma V2 NR with improvement. Also, upgraded two Alpha V2 NR to Sigma V2 NR, but I really didn’t go back and forth with this change since I didn’t have the time to do so. I do think that the Shunyata line does show improvement with going up their line. Also, NR is an improvement on non-NR. All best with Denali, or Everest conditioner.  Sorry, have AQ balanced interconnects and speaker cables, but not power.

Thanks @vonhelmholtz 

Do you have your amp plugged into the power conditioner or direct to wall outlet?


I have two REL subwoofers, a 300 watt/channel integrated, streamer, DAC and phono preamp plugged into the Everest power conditioner.. The Denali has 3 and Everest has 6 30amp isolated circuits.

Cool. Bet it sounds great!

Guess I’ll just have to try the Alpha and compare with the AQ Hurricane.

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@audphile1 go for an AQ Dragon HC PC plugged into your power amp directly into the wall.

I know they may seem expensive but a 1m length especially used isn't bad. They truly are exceptional.

I had a Shunyata Delta on trail and gave it a few weeks but wanted to try going up the chain to the Alpha. It was a vast improvement and I'm glad I made the move. It got me to the level I could be satisfied at and the detail retrieval was awesome. Mind you these were the XC versions hooked up to my Denali, but the difference was definitely noticeable. Also, I originally didn't have a 20amp cable so I used my AQ Thunder with a 20amp adapter plug and the Alpha was an improvement over that. Could have been the adapter or could have been the cable holding it back, who knows. Alpha is where I probably cap out monetarily on cables. 

@j-wall thx. The AQ Thunder is just ok though. Hurricane is a significant improvement. 
I ended up borrowing Alpha v2 NR. Should have it mid week. 

@audphile1 yeah I figured it wasn't in the same league. I'm very happy with the Alpha and I want to get a few more to experiment once I get a new amp. Shunyata rules and they have my business from here on out. 

I think results are very system dependent.  That said, in my system I found the AQ cables (tried the tornado and hurricane) on my Luxman M900 amp to be bass heavy, a “from the ground up” cable that was a little muddy sounding overall.  I did not like them in the system.  The Shunyata cables (tried delta and alpha) were much cleaner and balanced.  While I thought the delta was a really good value, and perhaps ideal for a preamp (tried there too) the alpha was a big step up.  I also tried several other companies’ wares via the cable company lending library.  The Shunyata alpha NR was by far the best match for the amp.  All cables were plugged directly into the wall.  

@jimmy2615 agreed 100%. It’s very system a d component dependent.
I do not find hurricane bass heavy or muddy on my amp or preamp. The bass is textured and fast. Great clarity and seductive mids. Voice reproduction is superb. 
But…I haven’t yet heard the Alpha. We’ll see. 

@lordmelton Dragon is a bit more than I am willing to spend. 
I’m checking out the Alpha V2 NR now. 

@audphile1 When you crunch the Dragon numbers a 1m length is a relative bargain. AQ prices Dragon at 1m X price, 1.5m X 1.5 price, 2m X 2 price.

AQ is the only company I know that does this and to me shows that the cable is actually worth something, not just arbitrarily priced.

Ex demo and used prices are better plus AQ will turn a 2m into 2 X 1m lengths very reasonably.

Anyway try to hear it before you make a decision.

Shunyata Alpha and Sigma are better balanced. They also exhibit a more natural presentation of the upper frequencies.  The Hurricane, while excellent,  just isn't very refined up top. I tend to believe that comes from the silver plating on the plug, which is used to give it energy up top.  That said I find the Shunyata house sound a little too smooth overall for my taste.

@audphile1 I have never compared the Dragon directly against the Hurricane but I was totally blown away when I was given a Dragon HC to audition for my power amp.

Usually power cables offer subtle nuances of this and that but the Dragon is a component level in your face upgrade but it's extremely natural and balanced.

Nothing subtle about it.

I never was or am an AQ fanboy but the Dragon is incredible for a power amp cable.

I have several Dragon cables but using it for my power amp gave me the best results.

I have owned so many power cords through the years, but I’ll keep my comparisons to only the Shunyata and the AudioQuest.

I purchased at a good price a new Sigma NR V2 power cord. At the time I also owned several other Sigma V2 interconnects. It was good but I always thought it was lacking something. During this time, I also purchased a used AudioQuest Hurricane. It sounded different and more powerful than the Shunyata but to my system and ears at the time perhaps a little too boomy.

Then I got a AudioQuest Niagara 7000 power conditioner used and was I really impressed. My belief is that the top-of-the-line power conditioner probably was tested with the Dragon power cord, so I set out to try it with one.

Once I was able to find a used Dragon, it was game over. Instantly I could tell the power of my system. I ended up selling the Shunyata and the Hurricane power cables to help purchase a couple more Dragons to complete the loom.

Now, if I had purchased the Shunyata Everest power conditioner the Shunyata power cords might have proved to be a better fit.

I should note that comparing just the Shunyata Sigma V2, XC power cords to the Dragons straight up from the wall, the Dragons still were way better IMHO.


@marks560 unrefined top end with the hurricane in the system? That would only be if your components are not on the level. The top end is sweet and warm, mids are luscious and bass is full and textured. I would call the overall sound plump and warm. There’s a slight midbass boost.

I had two hurricanes at one point - one on puritan psm156 conditioner feeding sources and another on the amp connected directly to the wall outlet. 

@lordmelton Same as with the Hurricane, it’s best on the amplifier. I’ll look into Dragon. 

@ozzy I’m listening to the Alpha V2 NR on my amp right now, plugged into the Furutech GTX-D NCF outlet. I hear more neutral and balanced presentation with more air, details and focus than I did with the Hurricane. It does sound slightly cooler than the Hurricane. Perhaps slightly leaner in the mids with a bit more clarity. I’m used to the plump midbass of the Hurricane and this us a drastic change. Each cable has pros and cons. Shunyata layers better front to back and throws wider stage. Hurricane is warmer and more bassy which can be interpreted as boomy like you saud. I need to listen more to determine what I actually prefer. 

Keep in mind I’m exaggerating here for the intents and purposes of highlighting key differences. 


That’s all I got for now. 


I did extensive back and forth between Delta and Alpha into my power conditioner and my DAC. Both vast improvement over my stock cords, but for SQ the Delta was the winner for my system. The Alpha was almost too much of a good thing and the music was a little to clear and lost some musicality. 

@w123ale thanks! How long did you allow for break in? I know Shunyata states their KPIP process eliminates or shortens break in, but I’am not so sure about that claim. 

So…few weeks spent with the Shunyata Alpha V2 NR I have a pretty good idea on what it does in my system.
By now the cable is fully broken in with over 400hrs on it.
Here’s my take on it based on what I’m hearing in my system in my room.

What it does well:

  1. Clarity
  2. Space and air
  3. Instrument separation
  4. Soundstage width

What I don’t like:

  1. Overall sonic signature is lean and cool
  2. Smaller images, despite the overall soundstage being wide and decent in depth
  3. Vocals sound thinner
  4. Overall there’s this “hi-fi” flavor to everything and that makes it less natural

There are trade offs here as with any change. When compared to AQ Hurricane, there are some things I like with the Shunyata better (the airiness for example), but overall I prefer the Hurricane despite its own faults. The AQ just sounds more natural and real to me in my system. I will be looking to try the Dragon but it’s going to take a while.


Once you try the Dragon it will be game over, so be ready to purchase.


@ozzy LOL that’s why I said it will take a while. 
I also want to try Audience AU24SX power cable to match my speaker cables. May be compare it with Dragon. 

Personally, I run Shunyata on the signal side and Audioquest (Tornado and Blizzard mainly), to the exact opposite of @vonhelmholtz

Exactly as you said, Shunyata has speed, (perhaps too much) clarity and top-end extension to it. But Audioquest on their PCs have the oomph, flesh on the bones and that fullness in the music that makes listening to music so enjoyable and realistic.

I would keep the Hurricane and add an Audioquest Niagara Power Conditioner. They are the real deal. As one reviewer wrote, in the past, there were days where the system sounded bad and some when it sounded marvelous (usually late in the evening or early morning when grid usage and pollution is low). After the switch it’s consistently sounding very good. A friend used to own the Furutech NCF, he now has switched to the Niagara 5000 after we tried my 1200 at his place.

I’ve tried a lot of the new Shunyata cables in my system. I think they make for great medical equipment cables but they just aren’t as enjoyable/ musical as Cardas or transparent in my system. I would never consider Audioquest cables. They are all made in China, even the top models. 


I have two REL subwoofers, a 300 watt/channel integrated, streamer, DAC and phono preamp plugged into the Everest power conditioner.


in regard to your above statement : I wouldn’t plug your subs on your power conditioner. I would plug the subs directly to the wall.

Interesting discovery…

Tried the Shunyata cable on my Bricasti M3 in place of the Furutech FPS-032n with FI-28(R) connectors. The Furutech went on to power the amp. 
The outcome is more natural tone, more engaging and non-fatiguing presentation. Instead of wanting to lower the volume it begs to be cranked up and opens up nicely at around 85-90db. The noise floor is significantly lower and the highs lost harshness and regained the smoothness and liquidity I’ve gotten so accustomed to with my system. Vocals and strings have more presence and body. There’s a flow to the presentation that’s quiet special.
The funny thing is the 12 gauge Furutech cable is a better fit on my Pass amp than the significantly more expensive 8 gauge Shunyata. Or is it the Shunyata that’s a better fit for the DAC than it is for my amp? This is a surprise to say the least. 


it’s all about system synergy. The synergy between your cables and your electronics, such as your amps, preamp, DAC, and speakers. The newer Shunyata Alpha V2 NR might not be suitable for your system.

And I would let the cables burn in for at least 200 hours before doing some critical listening. I know you mentioned earlier that you have the new Shunyata cables in your system for a few weeks now, but you will have to keep your electronics turned on the whole time and preferably playing some music non stop so that it will draw more current from the wall in order to speed up the burn in or break in process of your new Shunyata cables.

@dilatante yup over 200hrs drawing current. Don’t like it. I’ll continue exploring. 
Going to run a dedicated line soon and will see if it changes things. 


You will always have to run a dedicated line for your hi-fi audio setup back having said that with a dedicated line won’t change the tonality of your system, he’ll only improve the overall performance of your system. It will be quieter so it will let the music emerges from darker blacker and pink hear background which will affect other areas in sonic qualities as well. So if you said having the Shunyata Alpha NR V2 cord made your system sound leaner and cooler having a dedicated line won’t change that. 

My townhouse is a new build, 5 years old, with new overhead wiring and a new transformer only 20m from my house in a gated development.

The sound I get there is free of hash and I use a Plixir 3000 power conditioner which doesn't filter. It's a big power reservoir. My amp goes in the wall.

On the contrary my house in the country has an ancient 3 phase mains power supply and the transformer is about 1km away. Even though the house and internal wiring is only about 18 years old, I can't get a sound anywhere near as good as my townhouse.

Just saying sometimes it's out of your control.