shunyata hydra 2 vs. ps audio ultimate outlet

i would greatly appreciate your comments regarding the following power conditioners. i will be using one for a pair of velodyne dd-12 subwoofers:
1. ps audio ultimate outlet high current
2. ps audio upc-200
3. shunyata hydra 2
let me know which is your favorite under $500 too. thanks!!!
I own a PS Audio UOHC and a Shunyata Hydra 2. In my expeiences, the UOHC presents a slightly blacker background, while the Hydra 2 does a better job at not restraining dynamics. In your application, for subwoofers, high powered amps, etc, I'd recommend the Hydra 2. The UOHC is better suited for use on front end components, IMHO.

I've compared both a Hydra 2 and a high current UO in my system. I tried them both on my amp, pre-amp and CD player seperately and then in combination. Power cords on all components were VH Audio Flavor 4 Golds. I ended up liking the Hydra 2 on my pre-amp and CD player best. My amp remains plugged straight into a dedicated 20A circuit with no filtering.

With the Hydra 2 on my pre-amp and CD player the music has more bloom and body, almost like tubes, yet remains crystal clear and with quiet backgrounds. Imaging also improved as did the mid-range drive.

The PS Audio UO helped with a lower noise floor but sounded almost sterile in comparison.
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thanks guys! i can get either a hydra 2 or uohc for a bit over $300 new. currently i am pretty much sold on the hydra 2.
I'm curious about the Hydra and PS Audio UO as well, along with the Chang Lightspeed, for my own two systems--integrated tube and SS amps, Sonus Faber speakers, redbook CD players, various power cords. Aren't these power conditioners all about the same price retail? How might you compare their performances?