Shunyata Hydra Info Available

Website now has product info posted for "hydra" Unit has six outlets and retails for @$2000. Hydra contains enhanced "stardust" technology found in KC2, viper, black mamba. Now the question is if you have 4 KC2s in your system your cost new is over $8000. If you buy hydra and 4 sidewinders you have spent @$3000. Is it possible that hydra/sidewinder sounds the same or better than KC2 by itself? Comments from members please.
If I might answer my own question. I am sure Shunyata would respond that although hydra/sidewinder combo sounds as good as King Cobra 2 does now, hydra/KC2 would sound even better thus preserving the sales viability of the KC2.
The Hydra does in fact come with a hydra cable which I believe is a sidewinder with a 15 amp twistlock plug to connect into the Hydra. The male plug is standard brass and not silver plated... The Hydra does sound better than a single King Cobra V2 for apprx. the same money. I would like to point out that the improvements / effects of the adding King Cobra V2's add up with each cord that is used. Personally, if I was starting over today I would buy the Hydra as a foundation and replace stock powercords with sidewinders. I would upgrade sidewinders to King Cobra V2s as my budget allowed. As a side note... I have used the Hydra in conjunction with a modified PS audio 300 and feel as though they are very compatible. My best results are obtained plugging the Hydra into the wall with the Hydra cable and plug my PS audio 300 into the Hydra connected with a King Cobra V2 and then out of the PS audio 300 with another King Cobra V2 into my 861. The stock PS audio is not as transparent as I would like and even when modded does still lacks the awesome dynamic ability of the Hydra. I use the multiwave card only running straight 60hz. waves. I prefer the PS in the chain because I have the ability to vary the output voltage into the 861. Each volt is quite audible and helps my overall system balance. In my system I adjust between 120 and 117 depending on my home A/C voltage fluctuations and program material used. Basically it's just another tone/system balance control. A/C voltages are a small contribution why a system will sound different at various times of the day. Hope this helps...
Tony, thanks for the report. Many interesting possibilities, many will opt for the hydra/sidewinder set-up to begin with because of big savings over individual KC2 cords, as you say. You mention the possibility of using hydra/PS300 or PS 600 in combination........I wonder if using 2 hydras in series gives substantial improvement over 1 hydra, probably just overkill.
I think two Hydras in series would be overkill Sam. I sold a Hydra to a customer that was in the same dilemma as you, and his final solution was similar to what you mention--he got rid of the PS Audio PP600 he was using, sold some of his King Cobras, and ended up with a configuration of Hydra into wall, King Cobra v2 on his digital into Hydra, Viper v2 on his phono preamp into Hydra, and then stock power cords on everything else. He found that additional KC, Vipers, or Sidewinders after introducing the Hydra made small improvements on linestage, power amps, tuners etc..., but not enough in his opinion to justify the expense. The fact that digital still needs a quality cord even with Hydra is not surprising, but the phono pre results I did find interesting. Perhaps it's because of the low voltages and sensitive circuitry of a phono stage? Anyway, that was one customer's results, YMMV.....
Very timely post from my perspective, as I just purchased a Hydra, and was wondering how far to go with cord upgrades. Thanks to above posters for the info.