Shunyata Sigma V2 Speaker Cables .....your sonic impressions in your system(s)

Hello fellow Audiogoners - I would be interested in your opinions on the sonic merits good and or bad of these speaker cables. I have heard that the V2 version was an improvement over the V1 version but curious as to what owners of these cables think. I would not be interested in a conversation about the Shunyata Sigma interconnects at this time as I do currently own the Shunyata Omega interconnects. Unfortunately the Omega speaker cables are out of my financial reach as this is why I am interested in the Sigma V2 cables. Thank you in advance...... .  


I had a pair of the V1 speaker cables which I really liked . They replaced a pair of Cardas Clear  Beyond which were my favorites until I went to the Shunyata. Not smart enough to leave well enough alone I borrowed a pair of the V2 from the Cable Company.Yes they are better than the V1 speaker cables. They have more detail, frequency response from high to low is better as well as the soundstage. To me they walk a very fine line to being too revealing. I like tubes in my system so the added detail was a plus but in some systems that are a little bright they might be a little too much whereas the Cardas Clear Beyond might be a better choice. 
The best way to determine if they work for you is to try a pair. 

About a year ago, I purchased a Shunyata Everest power "conditioner/distributor" and swapped my Nordost Valhalla power cables for Sigma power cables.  Everything including mono amps got plugged into the Everest.  The change was improved clarity, articulation, sound stage.. all the "cliches" really did improve.

I was so impressed, that I decided to try the interconnects.

I replaced all my Nordost Valhalla (latest version) interconnects with Shunyata Sigma (latest version).  With each change, I noted a marked improvement in clarity, sound stage (width and especially depth), articulation, separation of instruments/voices, more definition in bass (and more bass per se).  The Valhalla's were good, but always seemed to have a "veil" or haze obscuring some of the music.  In comparison, the Shunyata's washed the dirty windows and brought all the light and clarity of image to view.  There is certainly a synergy, that is while changing one interconnect helped that component, once I replaced all, there was a "sum is greater than its parts" effect.  In my case, this lead me to change my Valhalla speaker cables to Sigma (latest version) and that too further elevated the sound quality, to the point that I realized I didn't need a better amp or speakers, which in reality would have cost far more than the cables!

I even found that switching my speaker jumper cable from Valhalla to Sigma made a significant difference.

At first, I suspected that the Sigma might be "bright" in the treble and perhaps "lean" in the bass. However, after break-in (perhaps 100 hours at most) and carefully listening to various LPs and digital albums, I feel that they are NOT bright or lean, but rather more revealing, less "forgiving".  If the recording has the violins too harsh or bright, you will hear it.  Bass is clean, full without any bloom and individual notes are definitely discernible if the recording is good.  The loss of the bloom, the increase in separation may be interpreted at first as "lean", or less impactful, but the pedals of an organ are "felt" and each note of the bass chord is discernible. On a double bass, you can literally tell the difference in how the strings are "plucked".  On guitars you can tell the type of string material.  Detailed, yet still musical.

Granted, I listen only to classical and a little jazz-- no rock, metal, rap, etc.  So, sound stage, separation of instruments, tonal character of the instrument, being able to enjoy technique as well as overall musicality, are important to me.

Importantly, I have a tube preamp and tube mono block amps.  I suspect this would make a difference.

I too wish I could afford Omega speaker cables, but alas, they are just too expensive.  I am considering upgrading a couple of my interconnects.

Incidentally, I found that from the Everest to the wall outlet, the Omega XC power cable was better than the Sigma XC power cable by about 20%, but again, remember I run my mono blocks off the Everest.

My system:  Sonus Faber Il Cremonese speakers.  AMG Viella turntable with JT tonearm, Soundsmith Strain Gauge cart and its proprietary phono amp, dCS Apex Rossini DAC, ARC Ref 6SE preamp and Rogue Audio Apollo Dark Mono amps.




........I originally had a full loom of the Cardas Clear Beyond cables along with their CCB XL power cords. I really enjoyed that sound for a few years but eventually it occurred to me that it was too much of a good thing. So, I started replacing my CCB XL power cords with the Shunyata Omega QR(s) power and it added a little more '' life '' to my system and to the overall sound. It took me three years to replace all 4 of my power cords to the Omega's as the Omega power cords at not inexpensive proposition.   

I have also since then wanting to move forward with this change, then sold my 2 CCB XL interconnects and just received my second Shunyata Omega XLR interconnect. They are very good in my opinion in my system and they are not just good because they are new to me ; but they are good because not only are they musical they also have great detail and clarity. 

So the issue that I have now is ; what do I do with the speaker cables as I currently own as I noted the Cardas Clear Beyond speaker cables. My concern is that cables can '' take over '' the overall sound of a system. Nordost is a perfect example of that. You cannot dismiss the virtues of Nordost cables but they are sonically not to liking for reasons that there is no need to go into now. I can at times tell when a system is all Nordost.......So that's where I am now because my concern is if I go all Shunyata it could sonically take over the sound of my system.

The Shunyata Omega speaker cables to me look ugly and look a lot like some of Rick Shultz's many cable creations from the past and present. They are also expensive but if they are the '' right '' cable I will look into them as you can't take it with you and at 66 I fully understand that.

The Shunyata Sigma V2's just may be the missing piece and although not inexpensive are within reach. But, maybe keeping the Cardas Clear Beyond speaker cables just may also be the right match with the rest of Shunyata loom.  That could be the right ingredient in my recipe. You cannot deny that the CCB cables are just flat out musical and backed by a great group of people in that company. This could be the time that mix of cables just may be the answer I am looking for. More to follow and stay well and safe out there and enjoy ...... 




I use and LOVE the Sigma V2 speaker cables in my system.  They were a major upgrade over the original Sigma speaker cables,  I find that these cables allow the system to reproduce tonal and timbral nuances better than anything else I have used.  As I listen to a lot of acoustic jazz, that aspect is very important to me.  If in a quandary, but curious, you should borrow a set from the Cable Company and hear them in your own system.