Shunyata Sigma VS Shunyata King Cobra CX

I was wondering if anyone has compared the Shunyata Sigma to the Shunyata King Cobra CX. I am not talking about the older King Cobra V1 or V2. I am talking about the last series of the King Cobra CX . I do not want to hear about the other Shunyata series but ONLY these two. I Just purchased a Shunyata Sigma HC 20A and now i am looking for a Shunyata King Cobra CX. I  recently read on line somewhere that the Shunyata King Cobra VS Shunyata Sigma. The King Cobra is still the KING. 
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Perfect timing I just got the King Cobra CXA and Sigma Analog PC cables for my system, Currently the KC is on my Accuphase A65 amp and the Sigma Analog on my Arye QX 5 Twenty Dac. 

I always wanted to try a KC and had found one at a good price here in Viet Nam along with a Sigma A, I wanted the Sigma HC but they were out and honestly Im not disappointed because from what I have been reading the Sigma Analog is suited very well on Dac,s as well has the Digital.

With only 19 hrs on the cables I cant give a honest evaluation but so far Im very impressed with the improvements over my Crystal Clear Power cords.

I well giver an update in a couple of weeks.

In my opinion the best all around Shunyata power cable is the KC CX.  The Sigma NR is great and very quiet but I found too many of them made for a too detailed and analytical sound. At least in my system. The CX brought a warmth I needed and great bass slam. The Sigma ended up on my preamp and love it there as with the latest technology I could really hear into the music. It was a real opener and I thought it isn't moving lol.  The CX ended up on my DAC of all places. Before it was on the amp with good success but after moving cables around quite a bit I decided the DAC fit the best.