Audioquest King Cobra or Similar Cables

Do any under $200 cables such as King Cobra make a night & day difference or immediate difference in the audio sound or is the difference subtle at best? I just got a Musical Fidelity X-10 V3 Tube Buffer which I love & am wondering if its worth spending up to another $400 on 2 pairs of expnsive (for me) cables? If the difference isn't one I notice imediately, then it wouldn't be worth me buying. Any cables you recommend besides King Kobra at this price range (even if used)? Thanks
If you are handy and can DIY, buy some bulk Belden 89207 and it will blow away the AQ at a fraction of the cost.
Kimber Hero's are an amazing value in this price category and will let you hear what upgrading stock or low grade ICs can do.

I've owned King Cobra as well, but Hero has proven to be more versital in a wider range of system changes than the KC for me. Can't comment on either pairing with MF however...
I recently purchased a pair if King Cobra interconnects for my CD player and am exceedingly happy. Upgrading from AQ Ruby cables, the K.C. have a pronounced sound stage size, are incredibly smooth and just sound more natural, sometimes just like live music. I tried the cable set with my turntable and am equally impressed. I therefore just bought a second pair. I must admit, I didn't think that a interconnect upgrade could be so satisfying.
Feel free to ignore Allan Blissett's post.
The cable denier's posts are rampant, but your ears should be trusted.
Only way to know for sure is to buy a pr. USED. Listen to them in your system and get familiar w/their sound. THEN, buy something else and compare. You might to the conclusion that there are better IC's which offer more refinement and sound more musical. I own an older pr. of AQ Quartz IC's which I've used and enjoyed for many yrs., but they show their short comings when placed in a revealing system.
Go to and then call them. They have a cable lending library where you can sample lots of cables. Judge for yourself.

How am I cable denier, I never said cables don't make a difference. Belden is a cable also in case you don't know.
Why don't you give it a try, if you have less than four thumbs.