Silclear, xTreme Quicksilver or Walker SST ?

There are some old threads here and at 'Asylum on this subject. Looking for recent comments, now that people have had further time to evaluate. What have you tried, what do you like, what do you still use and recommend? I'm looking to move up from Caig Pro Gold. Have read that the Silclear is a bear to remove, while the other two can be more easily removed. Leaning towards xTreme Quicksilver silver (not the gold version) and I like their kit, but am open to suggestions. Am hesitant to use on my tube pins, but the general consensus is to put on very sparingly so you don't short things out. Oh, and I'm not spending $170 on a contact enhancer (Walker Extreme SST). I still think it's nuts to spend close to $100 for a contact enhancer. Why doesn't someone sell half the amount (since you need so little and they supposedly include enough to do all the systems in your town) for half the cost??? I know, not enough profit. But at half the price, maybe they would sell a lot more?
I've continued to rely on the Walker Audio SST. (I do use the Extreme SST version, and find it makes a nice improvement over the regular SST, but your comments about price are well noted.) This week I removed some tubes on which I'd treated the pins with SST four years ago. The SST had dried as it is designed to do, had not migrated, and cleaned off easily with isopropyl alcohol revealing bright shiny metal underneath. Still highly recommended here.
I use the Gold xTreme. In my system, I can tell a difference from the silver. I think they just started selling a smaller kit, so you can save some money.

I used to think it was "nuts" to clean my ac contacts, but then I tried it and heard a difference. Just say I'm way less cynical about tweaks than I used to be. Some of what I thought were tweaks 10 years ago are now things I wouldn't even consider doing without, now.

Certainly nothing personal: you've raised a good question, but some people say, about any subject: if you haven't heard it, (ridden it, drove it, tried it on, shot it: from motorcycles, cars, clothes to shotguns) them you don't have an opinion, just a conclusion lacking support: I'll just go so far as to say that any audible improvement for less than $100 is a steal in this hobby.

Just keep an open mind. Sometimes a tweak is a difference, but not an improvement. Some of the reviewers were sceptical at first, and some people have thought that the metal content of eTreme and Walker made a change that they could hear, but didn't like, and went back to naked, but clean, contacts.

I couldn't hear a difference in Walker and Extreme, and the pro Gold is a good cleaner. I've never heard the Siltech.

I have progold (good), Walker SST(good), Quicksilver(better) and Quicksilver Gold(best). I would vouch for the smaller version of the later. Works especially well on AC-related connection. Made a jaw-drawing difference on my TV and projector.