Silk thread drive, using fabric glue to join ends.

Just wanted to pass this along. I've been using silk #2 bead thread for several years now.  It's between a TNT flywheel and platter.  It was frustrating trying to tie a weaver's knot and get the length right, so for the last year or so, I've been connecting the ends using fabric glue instead of knotting.  It's working very well.  I'm now able to create belts that are all the exact same length, and don't think I've had one break yet.  The technique I employ is to loop the thread around a jig, basically two nails the appropriate distance apart.  I then loop the ends of the thread over themselves about four times, creating a spiral.  I use clothespins to hold the tag ends and then apply fabric glue to the spiral until it soaks in.   Once it dries I removed the clothespins, clip the tag ends as close as I can to where the glue ends and it's good to go.  Since I can exactly match length, I've got three thread belts running between the motor and flywheel, and the stats I get from my Feickert test record are pretty good.  
Making belts like that was one my early trials way back around 30 years ago. Back then it was a Basis turnable and motor. Tried different threads in place of the Basis belt. Experiments like these gave me the confidence to try the Teres motor, eventually building my own turntable.

Its just amazing the way turntables give us the freedom to modify and experiment like this.