Siltech Cables - Among the best

We have used full loom over the years of different lines from Siltech cables ( talking about the Genuine ones :) ) never found a cable to be closed to the quality and sound of these.

Let us here your opinion and experience if you had or using any of these currently?
Also other opinions are welcomed. 
I've been using a  set of Siltech ribbon Silver / gold annealed cables for gosh 15 years and have yet to hear something that is as balanced and detailed as these cables, to be honest I'm afraid to listen to the newer offerings as the cost is beyond me now and you know you'd want them.

 I had to save up for months to buy my original cables $2800 for a 10" single wired run to both speakers. 

I would never had known about Siltech wires but the local audio shop was trying out a few of their cables to evaluate them for consideration for a product line. they lent me three different speaker wires from Siltech for evaluation, I ended up keeping the ribbon ones of course the most expensive, that was the moment I believed in cables by the way. 

I've been happy with them for many years and have no buyers remorse from that rather expensive, at the time for me, cables.  

highly recommended cable manufacturer IMO.  

I am using 550i xlr and 550L. I had the xlr first. Tremendous improvement was made. I just added the speaker cable, it too made profound impact just out of box. Once the cables fully burn in, they should sound even better.