Siltech Help please

Has Anyone experienced or using Siltech SQ-80B interconect before, I am just about to buy without trying them. And also yamamura M6000 cables. Are they worth it for money and how iis it compare to others brand. Really need opiion

I had it for a while. I thought it sounded pretty good. It tends toward a full robust sound, slightly rolled off on top and generous in the bass. If you are looking for a little lighter sound were much more detail and presence you might like Acoustic Zen Silver Refrence.
I used to have the Siltech SQ-88B and it's a great cable and pretty much worth the price, but like anything, too much of it is also not good.As in it may sound a bit on a bright side if you use all silver specially on an all solid state equipments, I never found any of the Siltech cables to roll off on the high's like Ejlif found but I agree with him on the bass which is pretty darn good for a silver based cable. I've since upgraded to the SQ-88B Gold SE which is on a different league compared to the regular SQ-88.
I would advise you to audition a Siltech cable on CD to pre and a good copper based cable on pre to amp, like the Acoustic Zen Matrix.

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My experience is similar to Rmml. I do own a pair of SQ-80, as well as SQ-28 and ST-18.