May I Please Hear Your Quad 57s or Open Baffles?

Might there be anyone on Long Island or in the NYC area who has Quad 57s?

Or any Acoustat 3s or 4s?

Or any Open Baffle speakers, be they Lowthers or


….or you name it.

I’ve googled for hours but can’t find any possible local owners.

Flying’s a problem, so traveling hundreds of miles is not an option.

Willing to pay a reasonable fee for a 1/2 hour session.

Looking to buy a pair?

They are pretty special.  If you have any plans to visit Nashville, you'll be welcome to listen.

I'm in central CT (near Hartford).  I have some DIY OB speakers; you're  welcome to come up and hear them anytime.  Just bring the beer, wine or other beverage and your favorite tunes and we can have a listen. 

Come to Canada (Ontario) and I will let you hear my WPK 57's and Acoustat 3's.

The Acoustat 3 are very nice speakers, but the Quads make them sound colored.    

Robin Wyatt is somewhere in the NY metro area- Jersey I thought. He was often demoing with restored Quad 57s. To me, there is no other speaker like it. If all else fails, reach out to Robin- he has a website and is an active, but small, importer/dealer.
My 57s are in boxes awaiting restoration. Have had various Quads since the early ’70s though I now use horns.
good luck,

Sorry to diverge, but have you considered Quad 2912? I have pairs of 2905's, and with some modification, they can sound very transparent indeed. Have you auditioned the big new Quads, Whart?
Terry, no I haven't. I heard a few interations of the post-63 models--not even sure I could tell you the model numbers--but that was some years ago. My other pair is a vintage pair of Crosby modded '63s, which I haven't fired up in years. I always thought the 57 was the better speaker in terms of coherence, though the 63 was a more useable speaker. Pray tell- what am I missing? :)
My opinion - an octave top and bottom, considerable clarity, but no, repeat no, loss of musicality. But YYMD, depends on what you listen to.

Your best bet is Audio Classics in Vestal NY. Its upstate about 150 miles. I've seen the both the Quad's and the Acoustat on display there. 

I am in Elizabet, NJ.  I have a pair of Ohm Walsh 2000s.  Although they are far below the price range you seem to be shopping in, IMHO, they punch far above their weight.

Since the Walsh driver and tweeter sit proud of the cabinet, they are indeed baffle-less.  The rest of my system is mostly up to date on my profile.

I believe you can send me a private message through A-gon.  Please do so if you want to set up a listening session.