silverline vs von schweikert

Hi, does anyone have opinions about silverline sonata III vs. Von Schweikert VR4 JR's. The main things I am curious about are ease of room placement, versatility in terms of types of music they perform best with and if the need arises, with proper power, which one will be more likely to blow your hat off at 10 feet? (I am exagerating but you know what I mean)Once again Thanks for any input!!!
You look pretty content and comfortable in your listening chair with your feet up ;-)

How is the diagonal set up working for you in regards to your room acoustics Yohjo?
I auditioned both at CES 2005 and own neither. I agree that VS is a bit less finicky as far as placement; and in fact, it might be a bit easier to drive to get optimum sound relative to the Silverline.

However, the two speakers dont perform in the same class. The Silverline Sonata three is simply a much better product. I know I am not listing a detailed audition report on coherency, soundstage mid highs lows etc.

Its immediately obvious though.

Yes it is definitely comfortable. Even more so with the Ayre cx7e that replaced the bel canto dac2 and cal audio changer. I don't find the diagonal set up a problem at all. Perhaps it is because there is a hallway behind me to my right and the room opens up into a dining area behind me to my left. The sound waves do have room to disburse.
I've had both speakers The VS VR4JR about a year and now the Silverlines. The VS were detailed open sounding with tight bass. But never really wowed me or brought me into the music. THey were on the lean side- somtimes bright(Yes I broke them in for 400 hrs). Not a plus for me -With my CJ Tubes I was looking for something a little richer and full bodied.

The Silverline Sonata 3's did the trick. RIch, full bodied as open as the VS but full bodied and less lean. WIth the Dynaudio tweeters they were never bright. And the midrange on the Sonata drew mw in and got me involved. The VS were a bit too analytical/clinical for me.
I like my music presentation to have character.

The Sonatas knocked me over from the first minute


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I'm using a premier 11a with the 4JRs and it was nice but really improved with biamping. An MF2250 on the bottom really opened up the 4JRs.