Simaudio CD-1, Marantz SA-15, or Cambridge 840?

Looking for some feedback on these players, as I haven't heard any of them. Prices are relatively the same, so if that's the case, which one would you get? Almost all the CD's I own are redbook, but I have a couple hybrids. I listen to all types of music, but I am looking for the sweetest possible treble. Other players to consider? Thanks
Here is my impression of these players:

Simaudio CD-1, admirably neutral sounding

Marantz SA-15, haven't heard it, but Marantz gear generally sounds on the warm side of neutral to my ears. More money adds more resolution and less grain to the warmth.

Cambridge 840, smooth over above any other adjective I can think of, can listen to for hours. Oversampling that really works...

I would also look at these:

Jolida JD100, a tubey but not tubby kinda warm.

Naim CD5i, PRAT toe taping PRAT.
I have not heard any of these. I do have 2 Simaudio products (Andromeda and Eclipse) and they are great my system, in my opinion. Andromeda less electronic and more dynamic. Advances have trickled down from Andromeda to their newer players, so give the CD-1 a try plus the others you mentioned. Can you report back on the sound?


I have listened to and owned many players in the
sub $2500 range.
I very much agree the NAIM CD-5iV2(italic)is a real sleeper in this arena. It has much more detail than people claim. Also like mentioned above the king of PRAT.

The shocker to me has been the NAD M5. Always a great deal here on Audiogon. The operation is a bit mechanical and
quirky, but the sound is great on this thing. It really does sound like a much more expensive cd player. It is not
digital sounding at all. Great detail and musicality. It really gives the other players in this price range a run for the money. Plays SACD and HDCD

Between the Cambridge and Marantz I would pick the Camb 840c. Great with the XLR outs. If you do not need the XLR outs, save yourself some money and get the 740c instead
of the 840c. Also a sleeper in the cd world for the money. Compare the specs on this to the 840c. Better yet listen to both with RCA outs..................pretty close.