Simple audio-only universal remote?

I am looking for a universal remote to control a Sony preamp and a denon universal player. Are there any out there that are designed for audio only systems? I know there are a ton available for AV systems but I was hoping to find something smaller and with fewer buttons.

i still use a sony universal (vl series)learning remote on some of my systems--around $20 on ebay or wherever. they're simple, work well and have hard buttons, which i much prefer to touch screens.
Agree with Loomisjohnson about the Sony. I use a VL-700 and have a second one as a backup. It is a learning remote, controls up to five devices and the layout is simple and intuitive. Mine is at least six years old and it looks as if unless it step on it I'll never need the backup. The VL-900 is almost identical but controls more devices, I think.
I just picked up a Sony av2000 on eBay. Overkill for what I need but hey it was $15!