Simplest Linear PSU?

Which linear power supplies can you recommend that have the least amount of miniaturized SMD and semiconductor nonsense?

I wish Audionote made a stand alone PSU. I know Weiss does, it looks good, but pricey. Looking for something simple already made to DIY with.

thanks in advance!!




@jerryg123 , sh-t Jerry. The last thing you want to do is agree with me. That is the kiss of death.

Guys - the amazing level of confusion continues, post after post.

The OP asked about power supplies that were made with SMDs. Maybe he mistyped, maybe he has no idea what he’s typing, but he did. SMDs are surface mount devices. Note this means the same old components in a different package, - no through holes. His question was for LPSs with

"the least amount of miniaturized SMD and semiconductor nonsense?"

This means he wants his transistors to have three long legs rather than three short tabs. Period. End. Nothing more to see here, move along. The dies are the SAME, except that sometimes you can buy better transistors int he modern parts and th eolder ones have been discontinued. e.g.: 2SC389, J201.

Somehow people moved on to Switched Mode Power Supplies and then combined the two. I mean, really? Does anyone have any clue what they are typing about?

Quick answer: not apparent.

The problem is that there can be issues with both. But they need careful clarification. I took the OP at his word (letters?) and discussed that the linear power supplies he desired could be made, maybe should be, with at least some surface mount devices for cost, size and the ability to robotically assemble (meanings cost and quality). Other parts (pas transistors) likely are better off THT for heat dissipation and current capability.

If someone wants real data from someone who designs, professionally, with all this stuff I’ll jump back in but at the moment its just too painful.

We also seem to have moved to R2R DACs! The connection, except that i used them as an example of why tiny, cheap surface mount technology is essential to audiophile grade modules, is pretty tenuous.



Consider doing your own.... simplest? Transformer, Bridge Rectifier and filter caps..... You’ll need to do some homework.... What component are you going to use it for? How much current will the transformer need to handle. You can choose by votage and wattage rattings and get fairly close, I would choose around 4 times or higher wattage rating to make sure that you cover for 2 channels and peak current. If you are making a pure class A component, you will need much higher.  You will need to know what dc voltage that you need. Choose a transformer that is approximately 20% lower than the DC that you’ll need. So if you needed 30v, you may choose a 24v transformer. When you add the Bridge to convert AC to DC you will get the voltage boost, next choose capacitors for each channel. I’m a firm believer that the more the merrier, others don’t always agree, quoting in rush current. i have yet to have a problem here. Do some homework, if you can mod one, you can build one.