Single vs Double Bi-wire....should I reconsider?

I just finished setting up new 2CE Sig 2s.  I just purchased Rocket 44 in a single B-wire as AQ had said that would still outperform a double bi-wire type 4. The Vandersteen manual seems to strongly suggest true bi-wire.

At twice the price - is it worth it to try and change the order to get double bi-wire?
if you like Vandersteens and Vandersteen recommends know you have to !!!
you can also go with what ordered and later buy a second pair and have the first reterminated...your speakers are too good for Type 4
You can read all about it from the designer/engineer himself.  He does a great job of explaining the benefit and technical rationale.  I have a great deal of respect for Richard, and currently own Model 5s plus a 2Wq (although I will be selling it soon).  http//
IMHO, I would definitely reconsider. Anything you read from Vandersteen is very direct about using a true bi-wire. FWIW, I have read threads in this forum from Vandersteen owners that said, a true bi-wire cable will sound better than a somewhat more expensive single cable with split connectors.

Well...If you look at the cable geometry, the Rocket 44 is pretty similar to a double bi-wire type 4. The Rocket 44 is basically 2 parallel star-quad runs in a single sheath. This is why the Rocket 44 cable is a good single bi-wire candidate. However, the Rocket 44 is constructed with better materials than the type 4, hence Richards recommendation (probably). A single bi-wire Rocket 44 should be a step up from what you have. 
Smaller error in kjweisner link - missing colon, updated.
Als0 - there is A LOT of information in that link besides bi-wiring.


Next up, Richard says the cables need to be separated by at least 1"-2".   Does anyone have a suggestion for cable separators?  Where to get them.  I guess I need something that isn't metal, and won't collect static electricity.
Good move on getting double run.  I've been listening to Vandersteen as my primary speaker for over 25 years now going from 2ci's to 2ce Sig to original Quatro and now Quatro CT, and obviously quite happy.  Recall I started off with double run AQ Type 4 and went up to AQ Slate double run.  Now running Cardas cables -- the larger Cardas blocks have "V" channels separators that work well to provide some distance in routing cables as well as serving notice to guests not to step on the wires!  Make sure your speaker spade termination is spec'd to Vandersteen sizing.  

Hmm, I hadn't thought of that - I'll double check the Vandersteen specs against the AQ spades. Thanks.
Hi Jetson--good catch on my bad link and I'm glad you still found the article.  I'm using true double bi-wires to my model fives (AQ Pikes Peak) and the cable is "heavy enough" to just lie there separated by the requisite 1" to 2".  If I was ever going to make spacers (maybe to get them up off the floor) I was thinking balsa wood would be both inert and easily finished with stain/varnish to look presentable.  

And as Audiorsch states, make sure the spades will fit into the Vandy terminal strips which typically have barriers between each post.

I checked on the spades - all good with the AQ cables.

For spacers - I thought I might do something in wood - it will match the floor and look nice. The other alternative is that I can make a computer model and one of the guys that works with me has a 3D printer.