Skidding SACD

Have any of you have problem with SACD that skids? I bought a SONY Murray Perahia Goldburg Variation that skids every 10-15 seconds starting from the 2nd track. I returned it and the new one skids slightly less but the problem was still there. I have a Marantz SA1 and none of my other 20+ SACDs (mostly SONY) have any problems. By the way, it skids in a very unique way. When it skids, the music doesn't stop. Instead, it was making a bird chirping noise. Have anyone of you have that problem?
I got a Telarc Music of Hovhaness has the same problem. I have SA-1 too. Other than this disc, all my 60+ SACD don't have this problem.

I hope this is only an isolated case.

Rdr4b, I have the Marntz SA-1 player and love it. I have about 50 SACDs, including about 25 Sony SACDs and never experienced skidding. Get a level and make sure it's perfect. Also a solid rack and upgraded power cord will even make the Marantz SA-1 sound sweeter.
I had that same issue years ago with an oppo bd83, but doesn't do it now on my McIntosh mvp891. I think it was a Michael Jackson, thriller, disc. Same sound as described up above. I have about 50 discs, no other problems.

The fact that it happened with 2 copies of the SACD and not with any other SACD the OP has would suggest that it is  is a manufacturing issue.

fwiw, I have a Sony redbook CD of Perahia playing the Goldberg Variations that I have owned for almost 20 years, no tracking issues.  I am wondering if it is the same or a new recording

whoa, I just realized that the original post was in is probably the same recording....did not know that it was ever issued in SACD
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