SL1200 upgrade tonearm or replace cartridge?

The upgrade bug has started to bite again. I'm thinking of upgrading my tonearm from a stock sl1200 tone arm with cards wires to a SME arm (309, IV, or V).

My other issue is that my cartridge, a Benz Glider homc, I nearing the point where it could use a re-tip or exchange.

My budget is limited, so I can only do one of the above this year.

So my question is, which upgrade cart or arm?

Is the glider a good fit for the SME arms?

Which SME arm is the best fit for the SL1200?
Johnny it's nice to finally see pics of your TT and all it's upgrades. Looks great, I bet it sounds great too!

On a side note, earlier this week two tubes of my phono section died. Two Psvane 12ax7s that were less than 2 years old. Needless to say I am totally Pvissed! I replaced them with some EH tubes. Now the system is really sounding much better and the tubes still need some break in time.

So maybe my itch to upgrade was caused by the dying tubes! Then again maybe not.

Since i began researching my options in more depth, I am starting to like the idea of simply changing the arm wand, as shown in one of the links posted by Vegasears.

I figure the worst that can happen is that I scrap the stock arm. Then I will be forced to upgrade! And I may learn something in the process.

One other factor is that I just heard that Benz has stopped producing cartridges, this maybe my last chance to get a new Glider. Needledoctor has removed prices from their site and replaced them with a note "please call for prices and availability".
Can I mount a ten inch arm on the technics SL1200? The stock arm is 230 mm (9").
If you can swing it budget-wise go for a SME iv or v. I have heard them with a 1200. Both were out of my price range but prompted me to hunt down a OL rb300 with all the mods which I got for a song. Not as good quality as the SME's as far as build & adjustability but a definate improvement.
03-03-13: Dave_72
How would you go about mounting an SME tonearm?
Sound Hi-Fi of England, purveyor of many SL1200 mods and aftermarket parts including an SME arm board.

Tone Audio Issue 22, which includes a piece by the editor about mounting a SME arm with the Sound Hi-Fi arm board.