SME 20/3

The SME 20/2 has been upgraded to the new 20/3 with the former no longer being available.
This new table seems to be an attempt to be more like its bigger brother, the 30/2.
Yes it is an attempt, i have it now playing for a week and i enjoy it a lot .
The former 20/2 was around 18 kg the upgraded 20/3 around 31 kg , in the brochure it says that many designfeatures are derrived from the 30.
I might actually have the first model as i ordered it in september after a tip here on the gon (serial no 023 accident?), otherwise i would have ordered the 20 just before the new model got .
My impression coming from a vpi sc master :
Ease of sound ,stable stereoimaging , stabilty, easy to adjust, precision , natural flow of the music .
built like a machine which it is of course .
Best feature adjusting the precise speed via buttons and the strobedisc , and the right speed matters a lot , it determens the natural flow of the music ,timing.