Thorens TD-125 MK1 with SME 3009

Looking to buy this combination TT and arm for $750. Table looks to be in good shape. Is there anything to look for specifically before dropping the coin? Anyone have experiences with this setup? Thanks in advance. 
I have one with a Rega RB300 arm. I've seen the SME 3009 arms selling for $500+ alone! That's a very good price for an excellent TT/arm!
The TD125 had some electronics that govern speed.  That aspect can be problematic in a very old sample, like this one.  Just a point to consider.  Can you inspect it in person?  That would be a requirement, for me.
IF you believe the seller is honorable, and you can return it, then all you risk is the cost of return shipping (keep what it arrives in).

I don’t know about 125 technology.

I inherited a TD124 with an SME 3009. I loved the combo, I will pass on my needed efforts:

The SME arm, AFTER I restored it is simply terrific, it’s physics clearly exposed and understood. I had to replace the rubber that isolates the rear portion of the arm, tricky but doable, I got factory part from SME back then. The filament for the dangling anti-skate weight needs to be inspected, too stiff and/or brittle?

The TD124 was terrific, IF you had the patience to let it fully warm up to be able to adjust it’s speed, then check it every once in a while during a long listening session/party.

The bearing of the TD124 is a magnificent piece of machinery, such fine tolerance, when you put the very heavy platter and shaft back into the bearing sleeve, sooo fine it takes several minutes for the air to escape and the platter to fully decend. First time, you think something is wrong.

The ball bearing at the bottom of the shaft pressed against a bearing plate. I had to replace mine. The ball bearing can get worn/stuck, and the bearing plate can get worn.

Also, my floors are springy, and the TD 124’s vertical bearing shaft was quite susceptible to vertical movement. Every footstep approaching, no dancing near it. Enough that I eventually sold the pair. Not a problem if a solid floor or shelf.
Yes. I am going to inspect it in person. I will keep an eye on the things mentioned here. Thanks all. 
TD 124 is a completely different animal compared to TD125. One has nothing to do with the other, either sound-wise or mechanically. To begin with, I wouldn’t trust a private individual to pack and ship a delicate turntable properly, and if I were a seller I wouldn’t agree to a return, just because I wouldn’t trust the buyer to repack and ship. It’s just a can of worms that is not worth the eventual aggravation that can ensue, for both parties. But that’s me..
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