SME V cable

Is the “din” cable for the SME V proprietary? I’ve seen conflicting information. Obviously it’s right angled, but is the din configuration specific to the V?
yes it is, always check that types alike fit and pins are configured correctly (90% of the cases are correct).
You get 2 right angled SME ones DIN A, DIN B with angle difference (90o or 0o).
Is the “din” cable for the SME V proprietary
I use an SME V and it has a standard DIN connector.
  The difference is only in 90 degree rotation.  Where it matters is how the cable exits the tonearm under the table.  

The DIN connector is  a German defined international standard connector. For an angled DIN there are 4 different possible orientations. The British have picked one of them. To visualize, search for audiosensibilty, go to products, tonearm.
Anyone have any experience with the tone arm rewiring that SME does? Looks to be a great solution? And thanks for the info on everything.
@geof3, i run my V with Kimber Tak ag that is quite good. You can ask any manufacturer to get theit cable come with an SME plug. After market ones including SME plug, Cardas, Nordost, Kimber, Ringmat, Kubala, Tara, ...
I believe that rewires with Cardas.
@oldears I’m going with the Audio Sensibility cable. Good prices. Purchased a set of their cart leads as well. Very cool! Thanks!