So my wife says to me this morning

So my wife says to me this morning "What did you do to your stereo"?

This morning I took the DL103 off the VPI Scout and mounted it on the Rega P25 with modified RB250 (paint stripped off the armtube and tungsten counterweight installed). I was dying to hear what differences where to be had with my tonearm mods.

"it sounds do much better. Sounds more like music, and less tinny."


That's not what I wanted to hear. The VPI costs so much more, and it looks so much better! Should sound better, right?

It did sound good, damn good. My feet were tapping for the first time.

Well, I put the Scout back in, and had the wife listen again. She said "it sounds irritating, it sounds like noise."

I guess I could put the Scout on display and the P25 in the back somewhere and have it spin the vinyl instead of the Scout.

:( I just love the looks of the Scout.
Hey, anytime a cheap component sounds better to you than a more expensive component, that is a good thing, spend the extra money on more cool toys.

Plato, yes the HiFi mod is the mod with the lead fishing weights on the ends of the Rega bearing axles.

It is simply amazing when you use it with the lower compliance cartridges on the Rega arms.

Basically, it just makes the horizontal effective mass a better match for these cartridges, and boy does it make a difference in sound!
Yes, it was only when I did some serious tube rolling that my wife finally said she now understands (appreciates) what I was after.
Here’s the deal, the Dennon 103 is a great cartridge, but when using it on a unipivot arm you cannot hear all this cartridge can do. Installing it on the rega arm that has better lateral stability will enable the low compliance Dennon to work better.

I cannot comment about paint stripped off the armtube ,but the addition of the tungsten counterweight will make the rega arm work better.

Put the rega arm with Dennon 103 on your Scout and add twl's hi fi mod.
You will be mightily impressed indeed.

For more info on the hi fi mod, read this thread,
Strange tonearm tweak long

good luck