So, what's up with this, Audiogon?

A couple of days ago I replied to a post saying I was interested in their 123XYZ.  Within 2 hours, my post got removed.   I just came across 2 posts today, not 1, where 2 different members replied to 2 different posts expressing their interest in whatever the OP had.  Those replies are from yesterday.  And they're still there.  What's up with that, Audiogon?  


I don't understand. Did you reply to a for sale ad and ask a question? If so, the seller may not have liked it and had it removed.

Some try to sell without paying for a listing. If Audiogon catches that they will promptly remove the post! Do you blame them?

The thread is still there. It was my response that they removed for saying I was interested.   

Forum moderators are much like hall monitors/patrol boys in elementary school.  


You might consider emailing the moderators and asking them. I’ve heard members speak highly of the admin/office personnel.

Audiogon is a for profit site, which would motivate them to be protective of the sales cycle, etc. If it’s a case of them seeking to keep sales through channels that get them paid, I don’t blame them. (I’m not insinuating you were seeking to do anything wrong.)


I'm trying to make one point and it's this:

I posted a reply to a thread on this forum and it got removed. 

2 others replies from 2 other members to the same post that mirrored mine are still there. 

Mine got removed, theirs did not.  

The removal of my post may have costed me the opportunity to acquire something from the OP.  The other two members may still have a chance. 

Hope this makes sense.   Anyhoo, life goes on. 




I would encourage you to write the Admin if you have a problem. Just like an issue lately where I was being blocked form commenting and the admin found that something was turned off. They rectified it without ceremony and all is well now. I don’t know how or who is doing these things but with the exception of pure nonsense statements or hate, Audiogon does and should allow just about all conversation stepping in only when there is something that doesn’t deserve a place on the forum.


"Audiogon is a for profit site, which would motivate them to be protective of the sales cycle, etc."

I did not realize this extended to the forums.  I now suspect this is why information is allowed/promoted about products that from a technical standpoint do little to change sound quality.  

Not sure how anyone but a mod might make any sense of your posting if you don't even include a link to the thread you're talking about.