software advice...96/24 FLAC too WAV too DVD

hello. i've got a PSA PWT/PWD inbound and am working hard to learn about hi res music and how to use it. the PTW requires WAV files for now but my download source (HD Tracks) is almost 100% FLAC. got some great help from the PSA support forum but was wondering if there is a better/easier way to do this.

using a pc with vista and DVD must be in UDF 2.0 format. vista does offer the UDF 2.0 format option although it is not the default. it also gives me the option to burn the DVD with a simple drag and drop. don't have alot of confidence in vista so can't be sure this will even work. will find out when my duo arrives next week.

my other option is taking the UDF 2.0 vista formatted DVD-RW and use it with 2 another programs..."Trader's Helper" and "Easy CD-DA converter". Easy CD-DA doesn't seem to recognize 24 bit format (unless i'm missing something??) so "Trader's Helper" needs to do the FLAC too WAV conversion first, then Easy CD-DA to do the actual burn.

what i have to now is first format using vista then take the downloaded hi res FLAC (96/24 and 88/24) and convert to WAV using Trader's Helper. then using "Easy CD-DA Converter", burn the DVD-RW.

was hoping to find software that does it all....nice and easy. if what i'm doing is as simple as it be it. am very new at this and looking for options, idea's and input.

thank you