Solar power

There was a recent discussion on using a battery pack to power one's system which would help limit some of the electrical noise. It was a great post and discussion.

I am fortunate in the sense that my property is in the South, gets a lot of sun, and could have panels installed on or off the roof. Unfortunate in the sense that utility costs are pretty low so would take many years to recoup the upfront cost of installing such a solar system. 

Want to do my part but question whether I would notice a degradation in sound? Obviously, still need a converter so the electrical noise may be dependent on the quality of the converter. Obviously, needs to go to a home battery unit as well which may have it's own challenges.  Are there other concerns in regards to the audio system with switching back and forth from the grid and home solar system? I see this as very complicated with interwoven systems where if one part goes wrong, the sound is going to suffer and may not be easy to sort out. 

I'm sure others have done this. I am sure the law of unintended consequences applies? There must be other issues to consider as well.  Just want to be educated going in to it. Thx. 


I have solar on my house that just feeds the grid and I get compensated for it. The payback time on the system installation is eight years, and after that all the power and generators free for me. Solar is in fact ready for the prime time. You could run a solar system and use it to charge a battery that is dedicated for your audio.

You're on grid the whole time, but contributing power of your own. Solar won't stay on when the grid goes down unless you get a backup system, which is more expensive. Just get a standard grid-tied system and look into the wide world of financing options.

Yes, solar inverter power is kind of dirty. But so is the power from the utility transformer outside your house. They all produce harmonic distortion. Also, your refrigerator, ceiling fan, and possibly your neighbor's vacuum cleaner are adding noise to your power. If I were concerned about power quality I'd just get a power conditioner.