Solar-powered battery running my system

We're getting solar for our house and will be generating a pile of free electricity. We'll also have battery backup. I now have to choose what systems to put on the backup power panel for outages.
This also gives me the opportunity to make my full surround listening rig one of those. I've read a lot of people talking about the horrors of "dirty" power from the grid. This will be the cleanest, sun-produced, electric manna from heaven stored in a Tesla Powerwall and available every day. Is this really the amazing upgrade the power fans claim? The cost to me is pretty minimal to have it run my system.


The quality of power output from the Powerwall is governed by the inverter. It may not be that clean. The Enphase IQ7+ microinverters on my PV array output AC at no greater than 5% THD. There’s also the recommendations per IEEE 519 on THD in power delivery.


I managed to find a post from someone who took images of an oscilloscope showing the waveforms for mains and Powerwall power.

I'd love to hear a your impressions  in 6 months or so. And as has been pointed out, your solar power is no cleaner than the inverter makes it. Plus you are off the grid and so you won't have the next door neighbors grunge in your electricity as long as you stay on the battery. and off the grid

The Tesla PW+ is an AC battery, so its new solar inverter converts array DC to AC then the internal inverter makes it DC for storage. Then output again is the internal inverter going back to AC. But as has been pointed out Tesla gives no stats for THD beyond <5% 

Paul from PS Audio says its a waste of time, but he's also selling high end regenerators. I think there is something to be said for just having a dedicated circuit from the sub box the battery feeds for b/u to the house. That I can isolate and feed just to my music system. No other grid or household connectivity.