Solid State Low powered Amplifiers

My quest is to find a SS low powered amplifier to use in the Summer months, in place of Tube and Class A amplification … I have Klipsch Cornwall 4s and limited AC in my hot TN listening room for 4-5 months. I know it will be hard to match the sound I get from tube and Class A …on a solid-state amp and I am wondering if I’m looking in the right place for a “10 W per channel” solid-state amplifier which I don’t even know if they make. The Cornwall speakers are 102 DB sensitivity.

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@jim2 An output imp. of 0.8 ohm is not low for a PA. Even the original Aegir is 10 times lower and, as such, a damping factor of 100.  Why would Schiit lower DF? 

The Schiit Aegir 2 should be released before the end of the month. It sounds like they are playing with very low feedback. The Output Impedance is .8ohm… Damping Factor of 10.

Atma-sphere Class D and be done with it. Zero heat. Solved my upstairs summertime heat issue. I'll never sell them and they surpassed my BKK250 sonically. 

Lower DF implies higher output imp.  Does lowering output imp. make it sound better as you said earlier or the other way around?  Did you notice you are conflicting with yourself? 

BTW, lower output impedance does not make the power amp sound more musical.  Where did you get the idea from?

With that low Output Impedance, I expect it to be very musical