solidstate with ML electrostats

Im looking for some opinions on what kind of speaker cables and interconnects to use in my system.I am currently running tara labs air 3 interconnects and ref gen 2 wire . I find that my home theatre is absolutly stunning but my 2 channel is razor sharp with great bass but has no warmth.My system consists of the logan ascents with the anthem p5/avm20 processor and a modded shanling cdt100.I have read alot of good reviews on the verastarr products but will silver bring it out even more.Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Cables seem a fairly strong place to make the changes - what's the 5.1 source anyway - that could have a significant effect as the Shandling is a complete different source. What happens when you use the 5.1 source for 2 channel? Same thing?
I have an all Transparent system (Supers and Ultras) with SL-3's and a Bryson 4Bst, but still have an Anthem MCA5 which used to power them doing center / rear duty. I would not consider warmth and outstanding trait of this set-up when I use(d) either the Bryston or the Anthem to power the ML's.
The only other thing I tried was MIT Terminators, and they sounded like I'd let 10 punds out of each of the tires - high's went away, mids bloated, bottom flabby and sounstage one dimensional.
Interesting that 5.1 is stunning, but 2 channel isn't.
Maybe some fooling with the processor first? Bump your mid bass / midrange for the two channel input - does the avm20 allow that? I find that I often have to change settings depending on 2 or 5 channel input.
Most speakers suffer from a very noticeable "dip" in the upper bass / lower midrange area due to what is called "floor bounce". On top of this, you will also have a greater degree of cancellation at certain frequencies due to the dipolar design of your speakers.

The first thing that you want to do would be to experiment as much as possible with speaker placement and your seating position. The presentation on this type of speaker system can change drastically depending on placement and room acoustics.

Other than that, i would avoid silver based cabling at this point in time. Sean
The ML sound can be shifted greatly with a change in source, preamp, or amp. A good combo is tube pre and ss amp (expensive and radical change to a system huh?). If you have the chance to audition sources at home the Jolida CD player is a relatively inexpensive way to warm up the two channel. Want something more $$$? Try a Consonance.

If you are not opposed to auditioning new amps try out YBA or even a big tube amp.

Multi channel pre that is warm? Have not heard it but Rockford Group has a tube pre pro that is $$$.