Some advice sought regarding surround speakers

I need to purchase new surround speakers for the sides and rears of my 7.4 home theater. Limiting criteria are (1) they must be on-wall mounted; (2) to cover existing holes in the wall caused by my current speakers, they must be at least approximately 16" wide; and (3) because I need four of them and am constrained budgetarily, they cannot cost more than $1,250 each. My current left, right, and center speakers are Revel Ultima Studios and Voice, respectively.

I have read as much as I can about this type of speaker and have initially qualified two brand/model speakers as "preliminary finalists": the Focal Aria SR900 and the Monitor Audio Apex A40. I have no ability to hear either of them. Accordingly, I would be most appreciative of hearing the opinions of others about either/both of these surround speakers -- as well as any others which might also meet my criteria and I should consider.



Some people feel that surrounds can be just anything. I feel you want to match within the same brand if possible or at least the same family (in your case Revel is the brand and Harman is the family). Harman has a patented technology for surrounds called Hemispheric Sound field Technology or simply HST. It is designed specifically for wall mount speakers and works great. I use the Infinity RS152 as my rear surrounds and it makes it sound like the entire back wall is a speaker. JBL also uses it in their Control HST. You can get the Infilty RS152 on EBAY and the JBL Control HST from Sweetwater or Crutchfield . I think either would be a good match for your Revels (all from the Harman family) and are within your budget. See: