Some Guidance Please

Hi everyone,

I'm looking into upgrading my speakers and I need some thoughts from the members. Right now I'm currently using Paradigm Studio 60v3 paired with a Bryston 4BSST.
What I want are speakers that will move me for when I listen to music and movies. I've heard the PMC OB1/Bryston combo and that peaked my interest. The other brand that's on my list is the Meadowlark Osprey's which I have yet to hear, but have read good things.

I'm fully aware that in the end it all comes down to what pleases my ear but I would like to know when comparing the two above speakers which one whould the members prefer and why.

For interest sake I'm using a Jolida CDP with a level 2 mod. My music hasn't sounded better but I want to futher it.

I am also very intersted in the Ospreys, so if anyone owns them please enlighten us. I have a 38 by 22 room and am afraid the the Kestrels would not fill it. Any comments. How about Krestels with subs?
I've heard both PMC OB1 and Osprey with BP20/4B-SST....I think the Osprey has an awesome transparent and open me it's so sweet and musical. The bass is a shade drier/leaner than PMC OB1. Imaging is pin point and presentation is slightly forward and 'cheery'.

Both speakers are amazing. I find the midband esp good on the Osprey.

I think the OB1 might handle rock music better....the Meadowlarks are refined designs after all whereas PMC's monitoring experience seems to handle all. The PMC is also a slight more restrained and will probably play louder.
I went from the Paradigm Studio 60v2 to the Meadowlark Ospreys a year ago. I've got a Plinius 9200 driving them. They are great speakers! You'd be really pleased compared to the Paradigms. Be aware that Ospreys require a long burn-in to sound their best --- about 200 hours. You'll wonder where the bass is until 150 to 200 hrs and then it'll open up.

I also have a Jolida JD100 CDP, no mods, but I've changed tubes with success. I also had good improvement with a Neuance platform under the CDP.