Someone please talk me out of this

I use KEF Reference 1s supplemented by a pair of Velodyne HGS-15s controlled by a SMS-1 bass manager that provides acoustic room correction. I think the sound is superb even with large orchestrations since I raised the crossover of the subs from 40 to 80 Hz. BUT I think I’ve found a pair of KEF Reference 207/2s for $7200, and I’m very tempted. The preamp is an Ayre KX-5/20, amp VX-5/20, sources Roon via QX-5/20 and discs via DX-5 DSD. I previously used KEF 107/2s that I loved. but I suspect the combination of Ref. 1s and HGS-15s is superior.
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If you are 85 and the $7200 isn’t an issue I say go for it and enjoy the speakers and music YOLO and you can’t take it with you
Im with the others that say get ‘em and keep the ones you like better.

In many ways, my Kef XQ5’s were more enjoyable than LS50’s.  The LS50’s were amazing and were extremely clear, open and detailed. The XQ5’s sounded big, full, rich and for most music (80% of the time), they were just quite a bit more enjoyable.

I think “todays” sound has become hyper detailed / analytical and open.  We want to hear microdetails galore and we may have lost some interest in tone and harmonics.  I feel like yesterdays speakers were just after something that sounded full, rich and just plain good.