Someone please talk me out of this

I use KEF Reference 1s supplemented by a pair of Velodyne HGS-15s controlled by a SMS-1 bass manager that provides acoustic room correction. I think the sound is superb even with large orchestrations since I raised the crossover of the subs from 40 to 80 Hz. BUT I think I’ve found a pair of KEF Reference 207/2s for $7200, and I’m very tempted. The preamp is an Ayre KX-5/20, amp VX-5/20, sources Roon via QX-5/20 and discs via DX-5 DSD. I previously used KEF 107/2s that I loved. but I suspect the combination of Ref. 1s and HGS-15s is superior.
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$7000 is the amount you can contribute to your IRA with the "catch up" if you are 50 or older.

Send the money into your IRA and it won't be burning a hole in your pocket.

Hope that helps
someone holding a phd (or at least wishing he/she did) shouldn't need to be talked out of doing something so stupid...  😆😆😆😆😆
Well you’ve had both, which do you prefer?  Maybe buy the207/2’s, do a shootout and sell the pair you don’t like better!

I am shooting from the hip here but the references should be more open, detailed and have razor sharp highs.  The 207/2’s are fuller, more rich, laid back, bigger sounding... 

I dont think the 207/2’s are a silly thing to be considering...

IRA = individual reference account

go have fun, you can be frugal next year....
Room is 14 X 19, I’ll be 85 in April, already have some IRAs, a PhD with a 2 year post doc, and retired as director of a research center. Don’t claim to be dumb or stupid, but I do tend to make impetuous purchases, and have about $30K (Blue Book value) of equipment I should sell, including a 204/2 center speaker that matches the 207/2s.

I’ve never heard 207/2s, just 107/2s, but Atkinson’s rave review in Stereophile claims they are a near perfect speaker.
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We are long time kef dealers with experience  with the 207 and ref1

Esonally we would recommend upgrading your subs 

Rel and mj acoustics makes very musical articulate subs

The ref o n es will sound smaller then the 207 but the ref 1 are more articulate with a more precise soundstage

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OP if you're like most of us, you collect more than you sell.. It's the nature of the hobby. Don't stop now!

LOL, Just think in another 85 years you'll have a couple million worth of surplus equipment.. Inflation..:-)

Thanks auditory, that's what I was looking for.  I should have titled my original post to aim at a comparison.  I thought the ref 1s sound great for jazz and baroque music, the music I prefer, but not as satisfying for large orchestrations as my ref 107/2s were.  But carefully checking out the setup and resetting the crossover to the subs from 40 to 80 Hz changed that.  The sound stage is deeper and larger.  I think I'll probably pass on the 207/2s.
Are you sure J. Atkinson wasn't talking about KEF Maidstones as the "Perfect Speaker"?
I would go with the speaker that has the better highs which I would suspect would be the Ref. 1s. With the 207/2s you are paying for what I believe is outdated technology and a good portion of the speaker that won't be used when paired with the subs. If your subs are located close to your mains you might want to try an even higher crossover point just for fun.
I think your instinct is correct. Stay with the Ref 1's and Velodynes. If you really have an itch to do something that will take the system to a new level sell the SMS 1 and get a DEQX Premate. It has a far superior bass management system and full spectrum room control not just the bass. You are all digital to begin with so you will take a digital output off all your sources to the Premate which has four channels of DAC in it, one for each sub and each main speaker. This will also give you the ability to EQ your system any way you want. You will not need a preamp either so you can sell that to make up some of the cost.
Wow those 207s are very tempting!  I'm a huge KEF fan and just sold a pair of Reference 5's.  Still a bit teary eyed.  But I have a pair of Tekton Double Impacts to replace so life's not all bad...

But yes, buy them and try them side by side.  Sell whichever one you love less.  Both of those speakers have great resell so what's your risk really?
if money was meant to hold on to it would have handles

Enjoy the Music

PS second tomic601
 I just bought some new speakers, wasn't even looking, went there to buy a gift for my daughter...... of course got to talking about speakers ,   I was offered a generous trade in , one thing led to another and bam new speakers. 

Probably should have put that money away but I look at it like this;  lots of people spend $3000 on trips or other luxury items.   Sure that last trip was a great time and good memories but I like to spend on tangible things.  Every night when I press "Play"  I am reminded that money was well spent.   
Nah.... never get into the way of a 'phile and the objects of his/her desire.  
Blame may follow shortly...
I second the Rel idea. I have a singe T9i with an *old* pair of Kef reference 103.3 (missing the cube that died a while back). Nice and clean, forward but smooth mids, decent mid bass. I know that can find upgrades speakers in my mid-fi/mid-budget system. 
I don't regret buying anything I own, as one poster said, some spend money on trips etc....I like things that will last for years and will be enjoyed the same. Just last night, my wife actually sat down on couch and listened to music with me! My daughters later joined in...we sat there for 4 hours!...surprisingly, all it took was putting on pandora radio (gordon lightfoot station) which played endless songs from the late 60's and 70' wife was thrilled! Yes, it was not hi-res and all, but it sounded great and we spent time together as a wife later told me that she had a great time! This made me think to myself and say all this was worth it! Yes, I would have preferred to be playing my lp's....but that would have required me to get up off couch every 20 minutes lol. 
OP, I think if you can afford it you should try both and sell what you don't want.  
The AG people may have been "Funning" us when they set the sequence of today's "Specials". Was this accidental or is there
some inside joke I tend to agree with going on here?
Go with your EARS get what you LOVE to listen to, as previously commented, you can't take it with you! Kids have their own sounds. I love music!
My fraternity brothers never talked me out of doing something stupid. They might have talked me out of doing something real stupid. In a way we’re your frat brothers and this doesn’t sound real stupid. Go for it!
Show patience and be conservative. There’s always going to be new toys showing up continually. Wait for a really good deal. 
If you are 85 and the $7200 isn’t an issue I say go for it and enjoy the speakers and music YOLO and you can’t take it with you
Im with the others that say get ‘em and keep the ones you like better.

In many ways, my Kef XQ5’s were more enjoyable than LS50’s.  The LS50’s were amazing and were extremely clear, open and detailed. The XQ5’s sounded big, full, rich and for most music (80% of the time), they were just quite a bit more enjoyable.

I think “todays” sound has become hyper detailed / analytical and open.  We want to hear microdetails galore and we may have lost some interest in tone and harmonics.  I feel like yesterdays speakers were just after something that sounded full, rich and just plain good.