Somewhere in Time Soundtrack versions & tape hiss?

Just picked up a pre-owned copy of the CD version soundtrack for that film, and it's not very good. The noise floor isn't very low. On the back of the case it has the message about "This compact disc was transferred from analog tape...may contain some tape hiss..."

Does anyone else have the Gold Master Disc version of this, and can confirm it sounds better? Thanks all.
I have the same version I think MCAD-31164. Bought new off Amazon a couple years back. It is pretty decent quality sound, not top notch but very good for a standard release. Tape hiss note is on back cover but does not seem to be very noticeable overall. Maybe newer product of this release is better? Don't know. But it is an enjoyable listen with nothing overtly offensive I hear.
Hey Mapman, thanks for the response. Yeah, that's the one, MCAD-31164. You're right, it's not an awful transfer, just not top notch. If someone says the Gold Master version is much better, I'd drop the $18 on it. The music is beautiful.
Very nice, check out his other scores as well.

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