Son Et Image 2010


anybody from Audiogon go to the Son Et Image in Montreal this past weekend?

I went down for the day on Friday and enjoyed the show and the new location. I went with my father on the train. it was great that the hotel was right beside the train station. We both appreciated having everything on two floors so that we spent very little time in the stairs and elevators.

I have been to the show several times so I expected the rooms to be small and generally poorly set up.

My favorite room was Son Ideal playing Harbeth, Rogue integrated amp and Rega t-table. They were playing Marvin Gaye on vinyl and it was excellent. love how they took the headboards off the walls and used them on the 1st reflection points. and the ironing board in the corner was great stuff. they really had this room sounding right to me. if i didn't already have a system i really like i would have bought this entire set-up. (minus the headboards and ironing board)

Last year I was wowed by the Rossner and Sohn set up and this year that room was again excellent. The Ensemble, with Verdier and Rossner was terrific, I spent at least half an hour there and could have stayed all day, if i wasn't clogging up the chance for others to listen. as it was i probably did linger there longer than i should have

Also loved the Fidelio room with verity speakers and Nagra VPA's. this has been a good set room for the last several years

and finally for one of the only times i liked one of the big room set ups'. the Huge spherical, Cabasse speakers with Mac gear was hidden in the bottom of the show but was worth seeking out. it may have just been luck to be there when they were playing chamber music but the sound was excellent. a tad louder than it needed to be but much better than just about any big rig set i have heard at a show. not too far off listening to chamber music in person. mind you at that huge ticket price you can hire musicians and have them play at your house, for less.

already looking forward to 2011
I was there as well. I enjoyed most of the rooms and thought the overall sound was much better than Denver for whatever reason.
Rooms of interest for me were:
1. KingSound/McAlister-just amazing transparency. Reach out and touch the musicians. Dynamics too.
2. Teo room: great imaging. Speakers disappeared. Nice guys too.
3. Triangle-more expensive stand-mounts gave very good sound.
4. Rossner & Sohn: very interesting phono stage. Good sound.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this show. Nice job!

I was wondering when this show would get some attention, either here or at AA. The silence was just about deafening.
Wow, Mcrosier liked the same rooms I did. Some other nice ones were the Joseph Audio room and the Gradient room, where the Helsinki speakers made the walls move back a few yards. The Son Idéal/Harbeth room was amazingly close to that, though. Very few rooms had much depth to the sound at all--at least when they were playing anything with depth.

Still, there were very few "toxic" rooms (to pick up UHF Magazine's term for them). I wonder why. Size-wise they seemed no different from the rooms at last year's Sheraton. I couldn't be that almost all the exhibitors lavished fanatical care on their setup... could it? The hotel space itself was much cozier, no need to traipse up and down stairs or wait for elevators. Sound from other rooms never blasted into the room I was listening in. Even in the corridors things were not disagreeable. The place was a little maze-like and I got lost a few times but as long as I kept walking I wound up back at Go. Little garden alcoves all over and live ducks in the water outside--on the fifteenth floor.

This year Coherent Speakers had some nicely worked-up horns and SET amplification. From what I could hear the company is well-named. They played my Chucho Valdés Live disc and the dynamics and attack were impressive too. 15-inch drivers in a 11 x 16 room may have been slight overkill, though.