Son et Image 2012 - Montreal

Anyone else at the show this year?

Went to the show on Friday and had a good time. We were there early and left in the afternoon when it started to get busy.

My best of show goes to the Magico and Constellation set up at the Point-aux-Trembles room. Had everything you could ask for. We went their twice. Loved it. Out of this world expensive but quite amazing.

Also really enjoyed the Vandy's with Accustic Arts rig. in Fontaine F. For a somewhat reasonable amount of money they were able to play music that sounded like music from top to bottom with a soundstage in a room that was way too big for this gear.

Gershman was excellent as usual and the Spendor with Jadis was well worth listening to. I was also once again impressed with Joseph Audio.

I thought the Kef Blade's were terrible. They were playing Hugh Masekela's "Stimela" and it was all wrong. Could very well have been set-up issues. Seemed like speakers were too close together but it was really bad and we did not stay long. The Wilson set up in 1235 was also sounding like garbage. And I really did not enjoy the Devialet and Focus at the Pavillion Du Canada room. Later my friends went back and say it sounded much better. They are usually right.

the Totem room reached new heights for showing off their "lifestyle". I actually like the Winds but their room was ridiculous with the lighting and props and music.

I was not able to really get in the DeVore with Leben room when I was near it. Usually it is one of my best of show. I imagine they did not disappoint.

Enjoyed listening to several ttables and a reasonable amount of music that I enjoyed. Kudos to the guy who brought along his Calamus CD to audition gear with. It is a fave of mine.

Hope we can see more exhibitors next year but still I am looking forward to it already.