PSB Image 4 T vs Monitor Audio Bronze B4

I have narrowed my buget floorstanding speaker search down to these two speakers but can't audition them in my area.
These speakers are to be used in a 2 channel stereo system so overall musicality is important. Any info./preferance or experience with these two speakers would be much appreciated from fellow audiogons.
I will be using the NAD 320 BEE for power. Thank you!
At my local hi-end shop one day I heard the PSBs...and was very impressed with their presentation...very spacious sounding which surprised me...bass was a tad "wooly" and vocals could have been a touch smoother...but the midrange was very musical...Im being very nitpicky...usually in this price range I would go with a standmount...but after one factors in decent stands...the 4t is a great buy...I much preferred it over the B&W 600 floorstander...good luck...also used...Meadowlark Kestral...
I had the 4t's for a couple of years. They were powered w/ a 50 wpc Camridge Audio A3i. I agree almost 100% w/ what phasecorrect had to say regarding their sonic strengths and weaknesses. They're a great all-around inexpensive speaker. I sold them to a friend and he's as happy as a clam. I think Upscale Audio is still selling b-stock for a good price.
Do check out these speakers at DMC Electronics. They are on sale for very low price.
I use the 4Ts for my bedroom system with good results. I use a Acurus 100 for the amp , B&k pre , and , Yamaha cd . The 4ts are very clear and just a shade on the bright side.I havent heard the B4s so I cant comment on them . These speakers will play pretty loud before they sound congested . At there price point they are very hard to beat . I use PSB GOLD Is in our living room , and my son has the 6ts in his house .Good luck .