Songs that should not sound as good as they do.

Have you ever come across music that if someone just told you about it, you would dismiss it without consideration, but when you listen to it, it sounds great?   Let's see if we can come up with an eclectic list. Here is my crazy contribution:

He Mele No Lilo  -- Soundtrack Version.   Look for it on Tidal.

That may sound a bit familiar to anyone who has had kids in the last 20ish years.
Funkcronomicon Axium funk is a wonderful early funk album (double album), think Bootsie Collins, George Clinton bunch (aka parliament). excellent version of Jim Hendrix 6 of 9 on it. on Tidal. 

Marianna Faithfull, Blazing away live 1990, recorded in St Anne's Cathedral in Brooklyn, this is one hell of a live album great songs and the band is really fantastic.    very emotional singing here specially on the track Sister Morphine. Also on Tidal. 

Ruth Moody, singer songwriter with a voice to die for. she also does an excellent duet with mark Knopfler on his new album tracker (last track), she does an excellent version of Dancing in the Dark as well on her debut album that's worth looking for on Tidal as well as marks album. 

well there three off the top of my head.