Sonics 800X

Looking to upgrade my amplifier (currently have an Hafler DH-200 in Stereo mode). Within the last year I purchased (used) an Bryston 2B preamp to replace my Carver c-3. I am very, VERY pleased with the preamp swap and it is highlghting some shortcomings in the Hafler (I suspect due to age). I would love to take the Hafler in and get it cleaned up/recapped weak solder joints checked, etc. An estimate for that came in at about $500.00. Having heard that, it makes me wonder if maybe now is the time to replace the Hafler (purchased brand new back in 1980).
I have been considering upgrading to a Bryston 4B (250 W RMS vs 100 W RMS for the Hafler) which would be a wash in terms of output power. In my search, I have seen an amplifier with the badging of Sonics 800X which may/may not b built by Bryston? The drawback being the Sonics uses XLR inputs instead of RCA plugs.

Can anyone offer any further information on Sonics amplifiers? Thanks!
I picked up a pair of these this summer. I use a Furman power conditioner with remote power on/off to switch them on, but totally agree they need a soft turn on/off solution.  I ordered a different input module off of Ebay but haven't gotten around to figuring out installation. The gain on these is also ridiculous.  Gotta figure out how to dial that back to. 

It would be great to share ideas/experiences working with these. A 7b-sst isn't in my budget, so I am hoping to figure out how to make these work.